Home Truly: Affordable Homes, Inclusive Communities

We remain committed to build a good mix of flats within and across regions, to cater to the needs and budgets of Singaporeans. We will continue to provide affordable and high quality HDB flats for you and your children.


At the Forward Singapore engagement sessions over the past year, Singaporeans have shared their housing aspirations and way forward for a new social compact. Majority consistently shared that our public housing system will continue to reflect the following key values and priorities:  

  • Home ownership – They want public housing to remain affordable and accessible to help Singaporeans buy their first home.  

  • Inclusivity – They want attractive BTO flats to be affordable for Singaporeans across different income levels, and our public housing estates to remain inclusive.  

  • Fairness and sustainability – They believe that public housing should be primarily for owner occupation and we should discourage windfall gains to keep the system fair. Beyond meeting the needs of current homebuyers, they hoped that HDB flats will remain affordable and accessible for future generations.

Taking into careful consideration these ideas and perspectives, new measures will be introduced to address the changing housing landscape and evolving aspirations of Singaporeans. 

Extract of National Day Rally 2023 Speech by PM Lee Hsien Loong on Housing




New Estate Classification

Starting second half of 2024, new BTO projects will be classified as Standard, Plus and Prime models according to their locational attributes:







  • Islandwide

  • Remains the majority of our supply

Standard subsidies

Standard restrictions:

  • 5-year MOP



Choicer locations within each region

i.e. near transport nodes, town centres

More subsidies

In addition to standard subsidies

Tighter restrictions1:

  • Subsidy recovery upon resale (lower than prime)
  • 10-year MOP

  • No whole flat rental

  • Income ceiling of $14K for resale buyers
    - Remaining households can access the existing stock of 1.1million resale flats


Choicest and most central locations in Singapore

City centre and surrounding towns, including the Greater Southern Waterfront

Most subsidies

In addition to standard subsidies

Tightest restrictions1:

  • Income ceiling of $14K for families and $7K for singles upon resale

  • Subsidy recover upon resale

  • 10-year MOP, no whole flat rental

1 Resale eligibility conditions would also include at least 1 Singaporean buyer and private property owners must wait out 30 months from the disposal of their property. 

new bto classification infographic

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3 Pluses of HDB-Plus

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Making homes and precincts more senior-friendly

Many seniors have shared that they want to live out their golden years in their own homes and neighbourhoods as it is a familiar environment, where they have established deep roots and connections with friends and family.  

To help our seniors realise this, we will enhance homes and precincts to make them more senior-friendly, so seniors can move about their homes and neighbourhoods with ease and comfort.  

These improvements are part of Age Well SG, a national programme led by MOH, MND and MOT to support seniors to age independently in their homes and their communities.

Extract of National Day Rally 2023 Speech by PM Lee Hsien Loong on Making HDB Homes and Precincts More Senior-Friendly

Age Well infographic

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