Our Vision

An Endearing Home, A Distinctive Global City
MND's vision reflects our growing emphasis not just on physical infrastructure, but also on the softer aspects of creating emotional attachment in our people, the global talents and corporations whom we attract here. At the same time, it articulates MND's goal of building upon Singapore’s unique distinguishing characteristics to develop Singapore as a global city of knowledge, culture and excellence.

Our Mission

Develop World-Class Infrastructure
MND will continue to fulfil our primary responsibility of providing quality physical infrastructure for the nation by working with our partners in the public and private sectors.

Create a Vibrant, Resilient and Sustainable Living Environment
The word “vibrant” expresses our aim to make Singapore a more lively and exciting city, while “sustainable” articulates our desire to carry out development in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. "Resilient" affirms our intent to ensure that our nation is well-prepared to face the growing uncertainties and complexities. This means that when we develop our city today, we also take care to maintain the quality and resilience of our built and natural environment so that our future generations can continue to enjoy the high standard of living that we do today.

Build Rooted and Cohesive Communities
It is important to maintain Singapore’s social cohesiveness, especially with the influx of foreign talent into our country. It is also important to foster within our citizens an attachment and a love for our homeland in order to retain them here.