Strategic Planning Division

Land Use Planning
Development Strategies
Development Control 
Land Development and Urban Redevelopment 
Private Housing Policy and Planning

Housing Division

Public Housing Policy and Planning
Development and Regulation of the Estate Agent Industry 
Regulation of Town Councils

Infrastructure Division

Development of Construction Industry
Building Control and Regulation
Animal Welfare and Management
Urban Greenery and Nature Conservation

Corporate Development Division

Administration of Headquarters
Financial Planning and Management
Procurement Services
Human Resource Planning and Management
Human Capital and Organisational Development
Staff Well-being and Engagement
Knowledge Management
Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships
Facilities Management and Building Upgrading
Tenancy Management
Information Systems and Technology, comprising management of Application and Technical Services,
and Cyber Security

Research & Strategy Management Division

Policy Strategy
Research and Data Analytics
International Relations
Emergency Preparedness

Strategic Communications and Engagement Division

Media Relations and Publicity Management 
Public Communications and Engagement 
Quality Service Management

Research & Development Division

Cities of Tomorrow R&D Programme
Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge
MND Research Funding
Urban Sustainability R&D Congress

Municipal Services Office

Coordination and delivery of municipal services and infrastructure
OneService Channels

Eco-City Project Office

Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Project

Infrastructure Implementation Planning Office

Infrastructure Implementation Coordination
Infrastructure Resilience

Legal Services Unit

Legal Advice on Matters under MND’s Purview

Internal Audit Unit

Review Internal Control Systems and Governance Processes

Centre for Liveable Cities

Knowledge Centre on Liveable and Sustainable Urban Development