Improving Our Living Environment

We aim to create an endearing home and a vibrant future city through long-term planning and innovation, in partnership with the community. This is done through a multi-layered system which guides long-term physical development in a sustainable manner, to achieve a balance between economic growth and a good quality living environment for Singaporeans.

Planning for Singapore's Future

Singapore is a unique city-state. Our land area has to support the entire spectrum of activities of not just a city, but also a country. These include residential, commercial, recreational, transport, infrastructural and security needs. 

Concept Plan

The Concept Plan sets out the broad distribution of the major land uses for the next 40-50 years, safeguarding land for future needs such as economic activities, housing, and recreation, connected by transportation nodes. By integrating land use and transport planning, land use is optimised. This plan is reviewed every 10 years to keep pace with changing demographics, social and economic trends.

Master Plan

At the next level is the Master Plan which guides our medium-term development over 10-15 years. This shows the permissible land use and development intensity for specific parcels of land planned for development. The Master Plan is a legally gazetted plan that is reviewed every 5 years.

Find out more about URA’s planning process here.

Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP)

The Estate Upgrading Programme (EUP) aims to enhance the living environment of the residents living in private estates by improving the public accessibility, connectivity and recreational facilities in their neighbourhoods. The EUP also aims to strengthen community bonds. The improved public facilities will provide residents with a more conducive environment for community-based activities, which will in turn foster bonding amongst residents in the estate.

Examples of upgrading works include:

  • Improving connectivity with new and widened footpaths, and provision of footpath lighting; 
  • Creating barrier-free access with new ramps; and
  • Enhancing recreational spaces by providing new facilities, fitness and playground equipment in parks

For greater impact, the EUP works are usually coordinated and integrated with improvement works by various public agencies such as the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the National Parks Board (NParks) and the Public Utilities Board (PUB).

Since 2000, MND has committed about $216 million across 10 batches to upgrade and develop the infrastructure in private estates around Singapore. To date, the EUP has benefited more than 53,800 households in 73 private estates. 


OneService refers to a community of agencies, Town Councils and citizens working together to address municipal matters and improve the living environment for all.

OneService also captures the mission of the Municipal Services Office (MSO) which aims to improve the Government’s coordination of municipal services and promote community partnerships and civic responsibility to improve the living environment.

While government agencies and Town Councils continue to take charge of their municipal responsibilities, MSO seeks to resolve municipal issues involving multiple agencies in a more coordinated manner. MSO works closely with government agencies, Town Councils and other non-government stakeholders to review and formulate policies, develop systems and processes to ensure municipal services are delivered efficiently and effectively.

OneService Channels offer on-the-go services to report, inform, engage, and transact, making it more convenient for you! With OneService channels, you can notify us on municipal matters, without having to find out which agency is in charge. We invite you to start using our OneService channels, including the Submit Case feature on LifeSG App, Kaki, our OneService Chatbot and the OneService App! Find out more about OneService here.