How did we come to build the Singapore we have today?

Behind every plan and project is a team of people. It is the ideas and ingenuity, the enthusiasm and energy, and even the toil and tears of the many dedicated and passionate officers working in the Ministry, building not some artificial edifice, but a best home for all our people, a home for you and I. It is the ranks of architects and engineers, the botanists and the veterinarians, the tower planners and policy makers that you will soon join.

Why Join Us

Let’s build our Home together.

At the Ministry of National Development (MND), we play a critical role in shaping tomorrow’s Singapore. The MND Family ensures Singapore's high quality infrastructure and covers a fairly wide but exciting spectrum of work. We spearhead a world-class and sustainable public housing programme, a City in a Garden that abounds with greenery and rich biodiversity, and a comprehensive national planning system that caters to the long-term needs of our people.

We are looking for fresh and innovative minds to be part of the MND Family. So, if you are looking for a career that challenges and inspires you to shape our Home of tomorrow, we welcome you to join us!

Who We Look For

We value creative and analytical individuals with good verbal and writing skills, including a passion for public policy work.

You will be tasked to take on challenging roles in the areas of policy-making, research, government administration and corporate development. Discover which divisions/departments in MND is the right fit for you!

Our Policy Divisions

Strategic Planning Division deals with policy issues for land use, land and urban development, conservation and Singapore’s long-term development strategies. It works in close collaboration with URA to ensure that Singapore meets its land use needs to sustain a vibrant economy, a quality living environment and to be a distinctive global city.

Housing Division (Hsg) works closely with HDB to formulate, review and implement a broad range of policies directed at home ownership. Apart from overseeing HDB's Building Plans & public sales, the Division analyses resale market conditions for a holistic oversight of the demand & supply of HDB flats. In addition, the Division also reviews mortgage financing policies, as well as innovative schemes such as the Executive Condominium Scheme and the Design, Build and Sell Scheme.

Infrastructure Division works with BCA and NParks to oversee the development and regulation of the built environment sector and construction industry, as well as greening, conservation, and animal health and welfare policies in Singapore. The Division also works with MEWR and other government agencies to build Singapore's resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Eco-City Project Office

Eco-City Project Office drives and coordinates all policy and project management matters pertaining to the development of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city. The Eco-city is a strategic cooperation project between China and Singapore that aims to create a vibrant economy within a harmonious city that is environmentally friendly, while making efficient use of resources.

Research & Strategy Management Division

Research & Strategy Management Division provides insightful research on areas such as the property market, land use planning, public housing, parks development, and the construction industry. It drives and coordinates the MND Family’s corporate planning process, and coordinates various cross cutting initiatives within the MND Family and the Whole-of-Government level. In line with its planning role, the Division also plans and implements strategies and programmes to facilitate entry and expansion of MND agencies into overseas markets.

Research & Development

The Research & Development (R&D) Division works closely with stakeholders across Government, the research community and industry, to drive and coordinate MND's R&D policies and efforts. It prioritises and funds strategic research areas under the Urban Solutions and Sustainability (USS), Land and Liveability National Innovation Challenge (L2NIC) and MND Research Fund.

Corporate Communications Division

Corporate Communications Division manages the Ministry’s media relations, marketing communications and service quality. It serves as the liaison point for all public communications and media matters for MND and its Statutory boards. In addition, the Department also provides a public interface in terms of managing the MND website and the Ministry’s quality service functions.

Corporate Development Division

Corporate Development Division focuses on activities relating to the management and delivery of internal support services and operational procedures such as Finance, IT and HR, to ensure smooth functioning of the entire Ministry.

  • Finance formulates finance policies and oversees administration in the areas of budget planning and resource management.
  • Human Resource acts as a strategic partner to senior management, to formulate human resource policies, work with partner functions and drive people excellence programmes to achieve organisational goals. HR oversees recruitment, training and development, performance management, talent management, compensation and benefits for the Ministry and our statutory boards.
  • Corporate Resource & Partnership encompasses a wide spectrum of functions including organisational excellence, events management, emergency preparedness, administrative, logistics and procurement services.
  • Estates manages the facilities in the Ministry, and provides related tenancy and administrative support. The unit also manages building projects and oversees contractors’ work to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of existing systems and processes of the organisation.
  • Computer Information Systems Department provides IT application and technical support, to ensure the smooth running of IT systems in MND and our statutory boards. In addition, it manages a portal which serves as an interface with citizens.

Municipal Services Office

The Municipal Services Office (MSO) aims to improve the Government’s overall coordination and delivery of municipal services. These services include the upkeep and improvement of the common living environment such as the cleanliness and maintenance of the estates and the upgrading or provision of facilities and infrastructure. Working hand-in-hand with key government agencies, the MSO oversees the review and formulation of policies, systems and processes to ensure efficient and effective delivery of municipal services.

Centre For Liveable Cities

Set up in 2008, The Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC) has as its mission "to distil, create and share knowledge on liveable and sustainable cities". CLC's work spans four main areas - Research, Capability Development, Knowledge Platforms and Advisory. Through these activities, CLC hopes to provide urban leaders and practitioners with the knowledge and support needed to make our cities better.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit performs audit on NDHQ and its statutory boards. Apart from planning and performing financial, compliance, operational and value for money audits, the Unit provides advice and recommendations on internal controls, best practices, effectiveness and efficiency of work operations as well as good accounting practices while reviewing processes holistically.