The Ubin Project

Its rustic charm, rich history, lush greenery, and varied biodiversity make Pulau Ubin a unique sanctuary. Recognising the value of Pulau Ubin to Singaporeans, The Ubin Project was initiated in 2014 to preserve the island’s rustic charm, natural environment, biodiversity and heritage. This will maintain the island as a unique sanctuary that can continue to be enjoyed by Singaporeans for generations to come. 

Friends of Ubin Network

To drive The Ubin Project, the Friends of Ubin Network (FUN) was formed the same year. FUN members come from a wide spectrum of the community, including nature enthusiasts, architects, historians, students, bloggers, Pulau Ubin residents, educators, members from the nature and heritage communities, as well as representatives from recreation groups. These members have since developed a code of conduct for environmentally and socially responsible behaviour on Pulau Ubin known as the "Ubin Way". The code of conduct was inspired by the kampong spirit that Pulau Ubin residents embody, and is centred on the innate motivation to care for the environment. 

Five Pillars of The Ubin Project

The five pillars of The Ubin Project will guide efforts to sensitively enhance the island, so that its biodiversity continues to flourish and it remains an enjoyable destination for all Singaporeans.

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Education & Research
  • Community, Heritage & History
  • Nature-based Recreation
  • Sustainable Design & Practices

Through the Friends of Ubin Network, we are actively partnering members of the Ubin community, as well as Ubin residents, to implement various initiatives aimed at sensitively preserving and enhancing the island. 

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