Project ADORE

Project ADORE was started in April 2012, as a pilot by the Ministry of National Development (MND), Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)* and Housing and Development Board (HDB) to assess the acceptance of mixed-breed dogs in HDB estates if proper safeguards were in place.
* With the transfer of AVA’s animal-related functions to NParks from 1 April 2019, Project ADORE is now under NParks’ purview.

About Project ADORE

It was observed that residents were receptive to larger dog breeds in their neighbourhoods if the dog owners behaved responsibly and there were proper channels in place for dispute mediation. Project ADORE became a permanent scheme in May 2014.
Today, Project ADORE is supported by Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) – Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), Save our Street Dogs (SOSD), Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Exclusively Mongrels (EM) and Causes for Animals (CAS).
Under Project ADORE, HDB flat owners can adopt local mixed breed dogs, also known as Singapore Specials, which are up to 15 kg in weight and 50 cm in height. These limits are comparable to the size of toy breeds allowed in HDB flats. Interested adopters are allowed to keep only one dog per flat and have to abide by stringent ownership conditions, including the sterilisation, routine vaccination and micro-chipping of the adopted dog. New owners must also apply for a dog licence for the adopted dog. In addition, new owners will have to enrol their dogs for obedience training courses at the point of adoption, and sign a Code of Responsible Behaviour (CORB) which includes requirements to ensure that their dogs do not cause nuisances to the neighbours.

Expansion of Project ADORE (from Jun 2017)

The programme has been well-received, and in June 2017, Project Adore was expanded to allow for the rehoming of retired sniffer dogs in HDB flats under a one-year pilot. Dog handlers from the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force K-9 units, and the SAF Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU) are now allowed to rehome retired sniffer dogs in HDB flats. The one-year pilot expansion has been made a permanent scheme from 15 August 2018. Currently, members of the public staying in HDB flats are also allowed to adopt retired sniffer dogs, on a one-year pilot basis.
Previously, K-9 and MWDU dog handlers had expressed interest in adopting the service dogs after they are retired from service, as they train and work with their dogs on a daily basis, and have developed close bonds with them. These dogs have also contributed to Singapore’s safety and security while on active duty. However, those who resided in HDB flats were unable to adopt their dogs as the size and breeds of the retired dogs did not meet existing HDB regulations or Project ADORE’s criteria. With this expansion, K-9 and MWDU dog handlers will now be able to do so. The allowable sniffer dog breeds include Labradors, English Springers, Cocker Spaniels and Pointers.

Find out more about Project ADORE here.