Rail Corridor

The Rail Corridor was formerly a railway line that was used for commuting and transporting goods between Singapore and the rest of the Malay Peninsula at the beginning of the 20th century. With the return of railway land to Singapore in 2011, the Rail Corridor forms a continuous open space through the heart of Singapore, and presents an opportunity for communities to shape this space, and forge new memories together.

Rail Corridor (Central)

Over the past few years, agencies have actively engaged the public extensively through various platforms to seek feedback and suggestions on the future of the Rail Corridor.  Many ideas and feedback on how to shape our Rail Corridor were received, and a Concept Master Plan was developed to bring these ideas to fruition. 

Rail Corridor (Central) is a 4 km stretch between the Hillview area and the conserved Bukit Timah Railway Station. It is a popular stretch known for its natural surroundings, railway heritage structures, and proximity to several nature and recreational attractions.  

In 2016, a series of community exhibitions and workshops was organised, and agencies reached out to residents and stakeholders in neighbourhoods along the entire length of the Rail Corridor to seek their views on how the proposals can best meet their needs. The community’s feedback has been taken on board to refine the concept ideas for Rail Corridor (Central), and develop the preliminary design for this stretch. 

The preliminary design has three key themes, which will guide enhancement works along this stretch:

  • Heritage and Culture: Sensitive enhancements to railway heritage structures and improved public access to these sites.
  • Biodiversity and Greenery: Distinctive landscape experiences for visitors, and strengthened ecological connection between green spaces.
  • Recreation: An inclusive hub with open spaces that cater to a range of recreational activities and needs of different users.

In 2018, NParks and URA commenced enhancement works for Rail Corridor (Central), and this will be completed in phases by 2021. Trail enhancements were completed in end-2019. 

At the same time, there will be track improvements along the 24 km Corridor, so that visitors can look forward to experiencing continuous connectivity along the entire Rail Corridor by 2021 (except Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, which will only be re-opened in 2025 with the new Cantonment MRT station).

Friends of Rail Corridor

In Oct 2017, Friends of Rail Corridor (FRC)* was formed to cultivate active community stewardship towards the Rail Corridor as a shared community space. It comprises members from diverse backgrounds such as nature, heritage and recreational groups, as well as academics, students and residents who live near the Rail Corridor. FRC also works closely with agencies to contribute to the development of community infrastructure and landscaping works.

*FRC is part of NParks’ Friends of the Park initiative.

Find out more about future plans for the Rail Corridor here.