BCA Green Mark

The BCA Green Mark Scheme is an initiative to create a more sustainable built environment in Singapore by promoting sustainable design, and best practices in construction and operations in buildings. 

BCA Green Mark Scheme

BCA Green Mark

This voluntary scheme evaluates buildings for their environmental impact and performance through a comprehensive framework that assesses the overall environmental performance of both new and existing buildings in areas such as energy efficiency..

For new buildings, developers and design teams are encouraged to design and construct green, sustainable buildings that are more climate-responsive, energy- and resource-efficient, and have healthier indoor environments.

For existing buildings, the owners and operators are encouraged to reduce the adverse impacts of their buildings on the environment and occupant health over the building’s life cycle. 

The scheme also recognises the role of building users in reducing energy consumption. For instance, there are BCA Green Mark schemes specifically for office interior, retail outlets, restaurants and supermarkets. These schemes encourage businesses to design and operate their interior spaces to be more resource-efficient in their day-to-day operations and enhance the wellbeing of occupants.

As part of the public sector’s commitment to take the lead in environmental sustainability, new public sector buildings have been required to attain Green Mark certification, including Green Mark Platinum for new buildings with air-conditioned area exceeding 5,000 sqm. Since the launch of BCA’s Green Mark scheme in 2005, we have greened more than 43% of our buildings by gross floor area (GFA). 

As of end-2020, over 4,000 building projects in Singapore have met the BCA Green Mark standards. These cover about 123 million sqm, which is more than 43% of the total gross floor area of Singapore’s building stock.

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