Ramping up flat supply

COVID-19 had severely disrupted our Build-To-Order (BTO) programme, but we have been taking steps to catch up on lost time, and are turning the corner.

New flat supply
HDB is working hard to ramp up its new flat supply. We have committed to launch 100,000 flats by 2025, and remain on track to do so.

2021 - 2023: Launched more than 63,000 flats.
2024: Will launch about 19,600 BTO flats. This is higher than our pre-COVID-19 supply.

Shorter Waiting Times

2023: Close to 70% of BTO flats have wait times of 4 years or less. This is back to pre-pandemic levels.

2024: About 75% of flats slated for launch in 2024 will have wait times of 4 years or less. This will include 2,800 Shorter Waiting Time (SWT) flats*.
*With wait time under three years.

Flat delivery

2022: HDB completed more than 20,000 flats across 22 BTO projects.

2023: Completed about 21,400 flats across 23 BTO projects, the highest in the last six years. We also delivered about 80% of delayed BTO projects in 2023 and aim to complete the remaining projects by early 2025.

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More new homes on the way

How long must I wait for my BTO flat?

Helping Singaporeans own your homes

Keeping flat prices stable 

HDB provides significant market discounts for BTO flats to keep them below market price. As a result, we have managed to keep BTO prices relatively stable in the past two years.

On top of that, we offer substantial housing grants to further support first-timer families.

Housing Grant for First-Timer Families


New Flats

  • Up to $80,000 in Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG)

Resale Flats

  • Up to $190,000 in housing grants

In 2022, more than 8 in 10 homebuyers could service their monthly mortgage fully using their CPF, with zero cash. 



Priority Schemes for First-Timers

The vast majority of our BTO flats are set aside for first-timers, with greater priority and more targeted support for young married couples and young families with children to help them settle down quickly.

All FT

FT - Parents and Married

FT - Parents and Married - 2


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Tips for securing my first BTO flat

How are we supporting Singaporean homebuyers?

We answer your burning questions

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