Draft Master Plan 2025

The Draft Master Plan 2025 outlines a comprehensive land use and development plan for Singapore over the next 10 to 15 years, for a more liveable, inclusive and endearing city. Its four key themes, translated from the broad strategies of the Long-Term Plan, are:

  • Shape a Happy Healthy City
      Building stronger communities while catering to diverse aspirations
  • Enable Sustainable Growth
      Meeting evolving needs to sustain a vibrant economy
  • Strengthen Urban Resilience
      Protecting against the effects of climate change and responding nimbly to any crisis
  • Steward Our Nature and Heritage
      Fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing our natural capital

The plan outlines concrete actions and initiatives to be implemented across various sectors, aiming to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for all Singaporeans.


Let's create our future-ready city with DMP 2025!

Looking towards our future, local illustrator William Sim has painted an artist's impression based on the 4 guiding themes of DMP 2025:  


MND DMP25_MIP_Frame 1MND DMP25_MIP_Frame 2MND DMP25_MIP_Frame 3MND DMP25_MIP_Frame 4MND DMP25_MIP_Frame 5 

Share your hopes for DMP 2025!

  1. Download the MND DMP 2025 artwork.
  2. Pen your thoughts for the upcoming Master Plan and complete the artwork.
  3. Share a photo of your completed artwork on your social media and get your friends to do the same!
MND DMP 2025 Postcard with Logo


You can also play your part in shaping the future of our city by sharing your thoughts and ideas at URA's engagement activities!