Public Housing in Prime Locations

At the Committee of Supply Debates in March 2021, MND announced plans to build new public housing in prime locations such as the city centre and Greater Southern Waterfront.
Left solely to market forces, like in many cities around the world, the prime locations in the heart of the city tend to become very exclusive, with high-end residential areas only for the well-to-do. In Singapore, we are determined not to let this happen. We want to keep our city open, inclusive and egalitarian.
To achieve this, we will build public housing in prime locations in the heart of our city under a new public housing model. The new model will seek to ensure these future estates remain inclusive, affordable and accessible for Singaporeans. Details will be announced soon.
MND and HDB have consulted widely and deeply on the new public housing model, engaging over 7,500 Singaporeans over the course of almost a year between November 2020 and September 2021. We received many ideas and suggestions, spanning very broad spectrum of views and perspectives, which we have considered carefully in formulating this new policy that will open a new chapter on public housing in Singapore.
Read the full outreach and public consultation report here.
Read the Joint MND-HDB press release on the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model here.