Resilience: Digitalise to Optimise – from Research to Real Benefits

Date: 5 October, Thursday
Time: 11.30am – 1.30pm


Speakers will share on R&D funding, their collaboration experiences and the outcomes of their advanced construction projects.


About the Speakers


Er Chiew Sing Ping resized

Prof Chiew Sing Ping

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Er Colin Yip

Prof Chiew Sing Ping
Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory (CTIL)
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)


Er Colin Yip
Deputy Director
Woh Hup

Prof. Chiew Sing Ping is professor and Programme Leader of Civil Engineering and Head of Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory (CTIL) at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). He was previously Head of the Division of Structural Engineering and Mechanics at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore from 2008 to 2014. He is currently a Member of the Panel of Expert Advisors of the LTA and Member of the Inquiry Panel of the Law Society of Singapore. He is also a Past President and an Honorary Fellow of the Singapore Structural Steel Society. His research and expertise are related to structural steel and composite steel-concrete construction and he has completed many external-funded research projects as Principal Investigator (PI). He has delivered many industry and keynote lectures, written 5 books and published more than 200 refereed technical papers in international refereed journals and conference proceedings.



Er. Colin Yip is Deputy Director at Woh Hup who has broad range of structural design experience in Projects of various typology in Singapore, Netherlands and China. He has very deep interests in Building design and has collaborated with many talented Architects via Iconic and significant Projects both local and abroad (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Sports hub, South Beach Development and others). He believes in the future of amalgamating traditional engineering and architectural with digital or computation workflows while maintain rooted to the strong sense of giving back to the society by inspiring the next generation to aspire or dream and bring the profession to new frontiers.


Topic: Driving Applied Research with Industry Partners – An Alliance Approach

Post-Covid, builders will need to be more sustainable, productive and competitive moving forward. This presentation covers the journey taken by SIT and Woh Hup in running the Construction Technology Innovation Laboratory (CTIL) since 2021, a joint applied research center to carry out AR&I projects to address some of industry’s key challenges. Different from the ‘top-down’ agency-driven research which aims for knowledge creation and building capability, CTIL focus on ‘bottom-up’ industry-driven research which aims more for test bedding and actual application through an alliance approach. Case studies will be presented to elaborate our collective efforts made in the three AR&I pillars of productivity, sustainability and resilience, including challenges in translating innovative technologies and building pipelines for industry-ready graduates and upskilling programmes for the construction professionals.


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Dr Chae Soungho
Chief Research Engineer

Dr Chae is Deputy General Manager at Kajima Technical Research institute in Singapore. After studying architecture at Chungang University in Korea, he obtained M.S (1992) and Ph.D. (2003) in department of architecture from WASEDA University in Japan and worked as associate professor at WASEDA University before joined Kajima in 2006. He has been based in Singapore since 2018.His research area is the development of sophisticated construction methods and work redesign to improve productivity with ICT (Information Communication Technology) and RT (Robotics Technology). He has developed a Concrete Finishing Robot and deployed in Singapore projects and has been working on the practical use of construction robots and digitalisation solutions with collaborators across the globe.


Topic: Development Process Optimisation on Construction Automation and Digitalisation

In this presentation, the achievement acquired through the utilisation of construction robots and digitalisation solutions which developed with global collaborators from agencies, IHL, and industry on Kajima global hub “The GEAR” construction in Singapore will be shared. In addition to the experience on “The GEAR” construction, optimal process from research planning to adapting developed technologies for practical using on actual site will be discussed and Kajima’s R&D strategy on construction productivity in Singapore using The GEAR facilities is introduced.


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Mr Lenard Tan
Chief Executive Officer

Wei Zhuang (Lenard) Tan is the Founder and CEO of Ailytics, one of Singapore's leading video analytics companies that helps companies in the construction industry enhance their operational safety and productivity by leveraging insights from video analytics. He has over 7 years of experience in developing and deploying large-scale optimization systems in the aviation industry, holding various roles in software engineering, product management, and pre-sales consulting while leading global teams of more than 100 people.


Topic: From Research to Real-life Impact - Advanced Video Analytics for Construction Safety and Productivity

Lenard, Founder and CEO of Ailytics, will explore the journey of converting a groundbreaking research project on advanced video analytics for construction safety and productivity and how it has turned into a successful startup today making an impact on the construction industry. He will share his experiences of transitioning from a research project to an entrepreneurial venture, navigating the complexities of communicating with stakeholders in the industry, assembling a talented team, and building strategic partnerships. Emphasizing the importance of innovation, market analysis, and customer pain points, and outlining the key steps taken to transform our research project into a viable startup.

Drawing upon real-world examples and industry insights, Lenard will also highlight the pressing need for enhanced safety measures and increased productivity in construction projects and discuss the challenges faced in traditional safety and productivity practices and how our technology serves as a game-changer. The speech will unveil the unique features and capabilities of Ailytics’s advanced video analytics system, showcasing its ability to automatically detect potential safety hazards, monitor worker performance, optimize resource allocation, and enhance project efficiency. By effectively harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning, and demonstrating how the technology has the potential to save lives, reduce costs, and boost productivity in the construction sector.


Mr Hoi Chee Hoi resized

Speaker presentation slides will be made available soon.

Mr Hoi Chee Hoi
Concrete Technology Specialist

Mr Hoi Chee Hoi has been harnessing innovative technology as a Concrete Technology Specialist at Pan-United to drive sustainability in the ready-mix concrete industry. Hoi worked on two record-breaking concrete mass pours in Singapore. He focuses on the research and development of low-carbon concrete, particularly on developing concrete mixes with CO2 mineralisation technology that can lower the embodied carbon of concrete. Hoi is ever on the lookout for new technology and digital solutions that can transform the way concrete is produced.


Topic: Artificial Intelligence for Quality Optimisation

Digitalisation plays a key role in the transformation of the built environment. The ready-mix concrete industry is going through remarkable change with the use of advanced digital technologies such as AI. Supported by BCA’s Built Environment Technology Alliance (BETA) initiative, Pan-United is proud to have developed an in-transit concrete management system called AiM, short for Artificial Intelligence Mixing. AiM calibrates the concrete mix consistency during the journey of a concrete mixer truck from the concrete batching plant to the construction site. If changes in consistency are detected along the journey, the system will remotely adjust the concrete mix and ensure the specified concrete properties are maintained when the truck reaches its destination. AiM enhances product quality while minimising the manpower needed on-site to physically test and approve the concrete mix in each truck upon arrival. The system increases concrete quality consistency and minimises the risks of project delays.