Innovation and Enterprise: Bringing Technology to Market

Date: 4 October, Wednesday
Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm


What is Innovation and Enterprise? What does it take to bring technology to the market, successfully? Join the Urban Solutions & Sustainability Innovation & Enterprise Office at this sharing session to learn about how Innovation and Enterprise go hand in hand to bring new technologies to market, to serve the needs of the market. This session will highlight two specific examples of partnerships between Singapore's Centers of Innovation and companies, to show what it takes to successfully onboard technology into a company.


About the Speakers


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Mr Daniel Kuek
Urban Solutions and Sustainability Innovation & Enterprise Office (USS IEO)
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) 

Daniel Kuek is the founding Director of the Urban Solutions and Sustainability Innovation & Enterprise Office (USS IEO), a national platform hosted by A*STAR. Prior to this appointment, he was Director of Strategic Planning in Innovation and Enterprise, A*STAR. He also served as Deputy Director in the SME Office, A*STAR. Before joining A*STAR in 2014 Daniel served at Keppel Corporation (2010 to 2014) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (2004 to 2010). Daniel graduated with a MSc in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University and BSc in Civil Engineering from Cornell University. 


Topic: Building Bridges to Support Translation of Technology from Lab to Market

Crossing the valley of death from TRL 3, 4, 5 to TRL 7, 8, 9 is an arduous task. Often, the technology is too mature for traditional R&D in research labs, but too immature for companies to onboard or for new ventures to be created.  USS IEO works in the Built Environment, Water, Circular Economy and Food sectors, working to identify and partner with companies, researchers and value chain partners to create technology translation opportunities, ultimately lowering the risk for companies to get to market.


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Speaker's slides will be added soon.

Mr Mark Yong
Chief Executive Officer
Garuda Robotics

Mark Yong is CEO and co-founder at Garuda Robotics. His background in technology spans over 20 years working on ground and aerial robots for domains including Urban Search and Rescue, STEM education, smart cities and commercial agriculture. Within the Singapore Standards Council, Mark is Co-Convener, Working Group on Drones for Chemical Industry and member of the UAS Manufacturing and UAS Building Facade Inspection Working Groups.

Mark previously spent 8 years as an award-winning lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. He received an MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and BS, ECE and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University; and an MS, Computer Science from the University of Michigan.


Topic: Drones as a Force Multiplier

Singapore’s thriving local drone industry today is the result of years of ecosystem development. Public-private partnerships played a key part in growing this new industry from scratch, and Garuda Robotics has been leading from the front since 2014.

Using Periodic Facade Inspections with drones and AI as a case study, we show how outcomes from public-private R&D programs can be successfully harnessed: Beginning with project milestones and ending with technology products and services that are deployed globally with customers to boost productivity and safety.


Dr Sowrirajalu Bhuvana Resized

Dr Sowrirajalu Bhuvana
Senior Manager for Technology
Environmental & Water Technology, Centre Of Innovation (EWTCOI)

Dr Sowrirajalu Bhuvana is the Senior Manager for Technology at EWTCOI, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She specialixes in new material-based membrane development, membrane based processes for applications such as water treatment, waste volume reduction, solvent recovery, and air filtration. She also possesses expertise in bio-nanocomposites and nanomaterials for product development and has helped many companies to develop and apply membranes for their specific applications. Dr Bhuvana holds a PhD in Applied Chemistry and has authored more than 20 refereed articles and patents.


Topic: Proof of concept to field trials and everything in between: A partnership to codevelop and deploy technologies for sustainable environment.

WTCOI, a joint collaboration between Enterprise Singapore and Ngee Ann Polytechnic helps industry partners to translate ideas into practical solutions that support a more sustainable environment. The speaker will be sharing more insights on how companies can tap onto EWTCOI’s different tiers of services, state-of-the-art facilities and multi-disciplinary expertise to translate ideas from conceptual stage to a market viable product. A case study about how EWTCOI with its translational capabilities helped a local company to translate a membrane product from proof of concept to production scale-up and now in market trials where its viability and potential are being validated.


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Dr Lim Zheng Bang
Centre of Innovation for Built Environment – Advanced Materials (COI BE-AM)

Dr Lim Zheng Bang is a manager at BE-AM COI, Singapore Polytechnic. He specialises in innovation and technology development for green chemistry, solid waste management and sustainable built environment materials. Dr Lim holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from NTU.


Topic: Sustainable Innovative Construction Material Solutions for the Local Built Environment Industry

The Centre of Innovation for Built Environment - Advanced Materials (COI BE-AM) is dedicated to driving innovation and progress in the built environment sector through materials innovation and deployment. The Centre’s focus areas and capabilities align with the Sustainability, Productivity, and Maintainability pillars of BCA’s Advanced Materials Roadmap. By addressing these areas, COI BE-AM aims to revolutionise the construction industry and create a lasting positive impact on the environment and society.

COI BE-AM partners with local industry in innovating, developing locally sourced sustainable construction materials and working with companies to bring the solutions to market. Dr Lim will share three case studies in his presentation:

  1. The Use of Asphalt Containing Processed Plastic Waste for Durable Pavement (with Samwoh Innovation Centre)

  2. Localized Accelerated Copper Patination Solutions of Building Structure (with FranzWood)

  3. Room-Temperature and Lower Embodied Carbon Bituminous Coating for Waterproofing System