Singapore’s First Assisted Living Flats to be Launched in February 2021

Dec 10, 2020

Singaporeans can look forward to a new public housing concept designed to support them to age independently in their silver years within the community. Jointly developed by the Ministry of National Development (MND), Ministry of Health (MOH) and Housing & Development Board (HDB), the new Community Care Apartments aim to expand the continuum of residential options for seniors today. The flats will be launched for sale in the February 2021 Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise.

Located at Bukit Batok West Avenue 9, the pilot Community Care Apartments will offer seniors aged 65 and above an affordable housing option which integrates senior-friendly design features with care services that can be scaled according to care needs. There will also be services and programmes to enable meaningful participation and social interactions amongst residents.

Designed for independent living 

The Community Care Apartments at Bukit Batok are designed to enable seniors to live independently and prepare for their future care needs. Each flat is 32 sqm[1], and comes with senior-friendly fittings. For example, the flats are installed with grab bars and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms with slip-resistant flooring, to allow residents to move around their homes with ease. Other fittings include a built-in wardrobe, cabinets and furnished kitchen, to enable seniors to move in quickly with minimal renovations needed. To meet residents’ diverse preferences and lifestyle needs, the flats have an open layout and come with sliding partitions to separate the living room and bedroom spaces so residents can customise the space to suit their needs. The design features of the units can be found in Annex A .

Ensuring health and wellbeing through care services and social activities

Residents will have to subscribe and pay for a Basic Service Package. With this package, all residents will enjoy services such as 24-hour emergency monitoring and response and dedicated programming to facilitate interaction and the building of a close-knit community amongst residents. An onsite community manager will also help to link residents up with relevant care services according to their needs, assist with simple household fixes, and organise community activities according to the preferences of residents.  

Residents may also layer on additional optional care services depending on their care needs and preferences at additional cost. Examples of optional services include help with their activities of daily living, as well as household services such as meal delivery, laundry and housekeeping. All residents will also be prioritised for admission to the nearby Bukit Batok Care Home should the need arise in the future. More information on the provisions in the service packages can be found in Annex B

There will also be communal spaces on each floor for residents to mingle and build social networks. Residents can use these furnished spaces as extensions of their own living rooms to catch up with their neighbours, share meals, or participate in group activities. They will also be encouraged and guided by the community manager to lead and participate in specially curated programmes at the communal spaces and activity centre within the development.

Convenient access to key amenities for daily convenience 

Residents of the Community Care Apartments at Bukit Batok will also enjoy convenient access to a variety of retail, leisure, healthcare and public transport amenities that support seniors’ daily needs. These include amenities such as a hawker centre, activity centre, community garden and strolling paths located within the development, which are open to the public and provides opportunities for interaction with the community, as well as the Bukit Batok Polyclinic, Bukit Batok Care Home and wet markets located a short 5- to 10-minute walk away at the Bukit Batok West and Bukit Gombak Neighbourhood Centres. Other amenities located nearby include retail shops at the adjacent Le Quest mixed development, as well as West Mall and Bukit Batok MRT at the Bukit Batok Town Centre. More information on the amenities within and around the development can be found in Annex C.

Launch of Pilot Community Care Apartments at Bukit Batok

About 160 units will be available under the February 2021 BTO exercise. Applicants and their spouse (if any) must be 65 years old and above. They will have the flexibility to choose a lease ranging from 15 to 35 years (in five-year increments), as long as it covers both the applicant and their spouse (if any) until they are at least 95 years old. The Community Care Apartments cannot be resold or rented out. If the owners do not need the flat, they can return the flat to HDB and HDB will refund them the value of the remaining lease of the flat.

Allocation of the flats will be prioritised for seniors with more pressing care needs, where at least one applicant or essential occupier requires permanent assistance with his/her activities of daily living. Seniors can also choose to jointly ballot for the flats with a friend or family member who is also eligible to purchase a Community Care Apartment. If successful, both applicants will be able to book their flats together. More information on the eligibility criteria, and the indicative prices can be found in Annex D.

Community Care Apartments Exhibition at HDB Hub 

From 14 December 2020 to 31 March 2021, the public will be able to find out more about the Community Care Apartments at a physical exhibition held at HDB Hub. The exhibition will feature 3D models of the Community Care Apartments and a mock-up of the communal space. Visitors can also get more details on the service packages, eligibility conditions and flat prices at the exhibition. A showroom of the flat will be available from 4 January 2021 onwards. The safety of our visitors is a priority, and prevailing safe management measures will apply at the exhibition. Visitors will need to book an appointment via HDB InfoWEB before visiting the exhibition. Appointments can be booked from 11 December 2020, before the exhibition opens on 14 December 2020. 

Information about the Community Care Apartments is also available on HDB InfoWEB.  For enquiries, the public may call the HDB Sales/Resale Customer Service Line at 1800 866 3066 (from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays).

[1] Refers to the approximate internal floor area. Total approximate floor area will be 34 sqm, inclusive of the aircon ledge.