Start-up Area

The 8 km² start-up area of the Eco-city has been completed. Developments in the start-up area included three Community Centres, the Eco-city Administrative Committee Service Centre, and several residential and industrial developments.

Industrial developments in the Eco-city include the National Animation Industry Park (NAIP), which is the first state-level animation industrial park in China. The NAIP is a collaboration between the PRC Ministry of Culture and the Tianjin Municipal Government. It sits on a plot of land of 1 km² and has total floor area of 770,000 m2. The NAIP houses companies involve in animation production, advertisement and media, publishing and e-commerce. Some prominent companies in the NAIP include PPTV, Huayi Brothers and Meituan.

The Community Centres in the Eco-city provide ample common spaces for residents from all walks of life to bond. This helps to build the Eco-city’s social fabric. There is a Community Centre in every neighbourhood, within walking distance from homes. Residents can take part in sports and activities, shop for groceries, visit the community library and receive medical treatment.

Central District

With the start-up area completed, the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city project next focuses on the development of the central district to create a vibrant city centre with amenities to serve residents and visitors in the Eco-city and its surrounding regions. The city centre will be the heart of commercial, leisure and recreational activities to enhance the Eco-city’s attractiveness to businesses and talent to support the future growth of the Eco-city.

The city centre will have a 1.2 km pedestrian street bringing residents and visitors from the gateway plaza through shopping streets, F&B outlets, lifestyle hub, and finally the Sino-Singapore Friendship Garden and the Sino-Singapore Friendship Library. The Garden and Library will serve as major nodes of attraction in the Eco-city. Mixed-use districts with live-in population will be developed to make the city centre lively and vibrant.

Beyond the First Ten Years

While development moved on to the central district at the project’s 10th year-mark in 2018, Singapore and China are also going beyond physical development to promote the replication of the Eco-city’s development experience in other Chinese cities, and the rest of the world.

To find out more about the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, you may wish to watch programmes Cool Living in an Eco-city and Focus (Parts 12345 and 6). These programmes featuring the 10-year journey of the Eco-city were produced by Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia and MediaCorp Channel 8.