Making our Homes and Neighbourhoods Safer for Seniors

Mar 5, 2024

At MND’s Committee of Supply debate today, Minister of State for National Development, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim provided updates on various initiatives under the national Age Well SG programme, to help seniors age safely and independently within their homes and around the estates through neighbourhood rejuvenation works.

As announced in November 2023, MND, MOH, and MOT will roll out a slew of initiatives under Age Well SG to make our HDB homes and precincts more senior-friendly. To support ageing-in-place, we will:

·       Offer a wider range of fittings under the EASE 2.0 programme, to enable seniors to move around safely within their homes;

·       Extend the provision of the wireless Alert Alarm System (AAS) to all seniors living in public rental housing; and

·       Expand the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) to more neighbourhoods.

Implementation of Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) 2.0

From 1 April 2024, HDB will offer a wider range of senior-friendly items under the EASE 2.0 programme, to enhance the safety and well-being for seniors to age in place. This includes bidet sprays, foldable U-profile grab bars and lowering of toilet entrance kerbs. More details on the improvement items can be found in Annex A.


New items under EASE 2.0


Existing items under EASE (will continue to be offered)

Items to provide additional support to seniors for fall prevention


Grab bars (Foldable U-profile)[1]


Grab bars (linear and fixed U-profile)


Lowering of toilet/ bathroom entrance kerb


Slip-resistant treatment to existing toilet / bathroom flooring


Wall-mounted foldable shower seat




Handrail at main entrance with step(s)



Items to support wheelchair/ commode users



Widening of toilet/bathroom entrance


Accessibility solutions (ramp for single and multi-step, and wheelchair lifter)

Items to promote seniors’ safety and well-being


Bidet spray (next to pedestal pan)




Rocker switch (for existing small lighting switches within flat)




Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) in living room



As with the current EASE programme, the new improvement items under the EASE 2.0 programme will be heavily subsidised by the Government, for up to 95% of the cost. Flat owners can choose the improvement items that they need and pay between 5% to 12.5% of the cost[2], depending on their flat type. A breakdown of the respective cost items by flat type can be found in Annex B.

Application Procedure

From 1 April 2024, flat owners may apply or opt for the new improvement items as follows (details on the implementation schedule can be found in Annex C):

(a)  Home Improvement Programme (HIP) with EASE

-       Flat owners may opt for the new improvement items when undergoing HIP. For HIP precincts where works within the flats are on-going, eligible households can also opt for the new improvement items.

(b)  EASE (Direct Application)

-       Eligible flat owners who require EASE before HIP commences, or whose blocks do not qualify for HIP, may apply for the new improvement items through the e-Service on HDB InfoWEB. A site survey will be conducted before the installation of the items.

Expansion of the Wireless Alert Alarm System

To better support low-income and vulnerable seniors who may not have family support, HDB will expand the provision of the wireless Alert Alarm System (AAS) to benefit around 26,800 more seniors living in about 170 rental blocks. These blocks are located islandwide, including towns such as Bukit Merah and Kallang/Whampoa. The installation works are expected to commence from January 2025 and will take about five years to complete.

With the wireless AAS, seniors will be able to call for help during emergencies by pressing the alert buttons conveniently placed in their homes. Upon activation of the alert button, seniors will be connected to CareLine, a 24/7 hotline that responds to callers in distress, or nearby Active Ageing Centres (AACs).

Rejuvenating our Neighbourhoods to be more senior friendly

HDB will also be extending the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) to more flats. Under the NRP, HDB has been working with Town Councils to provide and upgrade facilities within the neighbourhoods for flats built up to 1995. This entails providing new facilities or refreshing existing facilities, including community plazas, precinct pavilions, covered linkways and fitness or play facilities.

The NRP will now be extended to flats built up to 1999, with over 100,000 flats eligible for improvement works to their neighbourhood. Under this upcoming fifth phase of NRP, the scope of improvement works will also be expanded to better support seniors to age in place. For example, the upgrading works will include more senior-friendly facilities and features to improve the social, mental and physical well-being of seniors. More information on the timeline and implementation schedule of this new phase of NRP will be announced when ready.

Building an Inclusive Home for All Singaporeans

MND and HDB are committed to building inclusive homes to meet the diverse housing needs and budgets of all Singaporeans. We will continue to keep public housing accessible and enhance the liveability of our homes and neighbourhoods to allow our seniors to age gracefully and safely within the community.

Issued By    :  MND & HDB

Date             :  5 March 2024

[1] For units with site constraints where linear grab bars cannot be installed

[2] Flat owners may need to pay for other work-related cost that are necessary.

Annex A, B & C