Awarded Projects for FY2016

Second Call for Proposals

Out of the 26 submissions received at the close of the Call for Proposals in Aug 2015, 5 research projects have been awarded in FY2016. The table below shows the list of awarded projects.

S/NTitlePrincipal Investigator (PI), 
Co-PIs and Collaborators
1.Cool Singapore
PI: Asst Prof Wan Man Pun / NTU
Co-PIs: A*STAR ICES, NIPSEA Technologies
Collaborators: NTU, BCA, HDB
2.Technology for cement-treatment of ground in areas obstructed by obstacles
PI: Assoc Prof Lee Fook Hou / NUS
Co-PI and Collaborator: LTA
3.Hybrid reflective, catalytic and pyroelectric nanocomposite for holistic solar heat gain, air quality and energy sustainability solution
PI: Assoc Prof Ho Ghim Wei/ NUS
Collaborators: BCA, iGAP Pte Ltd, Exxel Technology Pte Ltd
4.Web-based 3D GeoData Modelling and Management System (GeM2S)
PI: Prof Chu Jian / NTU
Collaborators: LTA, URA, NTU, University of Hong Kong, British Geological Survey
5.Augmenting Urban Soundscapes: Design Tools, Noise Mitigation System, and Evaluation of the Urban Sound Environment – Phase 1
PI: Assoc Prof Gan Woon Seng / NTU
Collaborators: JTC, University of Southampton, University of Sheffield, New York University

Please refer to the project abstracts and CVs of Lead PIs here.

Other Awarded Projects

S/NTitlePrincipal Investigator (PI),
Co-PIs And Collaborators 
1.Urban Freight and Heavy Vehicle Study
PI: Asst Prof Lynette Cheah (SUTD)
Collaborators: URA, LTA, JTC
2.GIS-Enabled Mapping and Modelling Analysis (GEMMA) Platform
PI: Dr Goh Shen Tat / A-STAR I2R
3.Studying Autonomous Vehicles Policies with Urban Planning of Toa Payoh in Singapore
PI: Dr Le Thi Diem Trinh / SMART
Co-PI: SMART, Singapore-ETH Centre, NUS,
Collaborators: MOT, URA, LTA, HDB
4.Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand System’s Impact on Transportation in Singapore
PI: Dr Ravi Seshadri / SMART
Collaborators:  MOT, LTA, URA