1. How does the Ministry ensure affordable, quality public housing for all Singaporeans?

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) is Singapore’s public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. HDB plans and develops towns that provide Singaporeans with quality homes and living environments. Over 80% of Singapore’s resident population calls HDB flats, home. 

There is a wide variety of housing from 2-room Flexi flats to 5-room and 3Gen flats, that cater to the needs of different household sizes and budgets. Buyers can choose between new or resale flats, or even Executive Condominiums which are built by private developers. 

In pricing new HDB flats, the principle has always been to keep homes affordable and within reach of the majority of flat buyers. There are various schemes and housing grants to help Singaporeans meet their housing needs at different life stages. Beyond formulating policies to promote home ownership, MND and HDB actively encourage flat buyers to exercise financial prudence and forward planning in their flat purchase.

HDB also provides various commercial, recreational and social amenities in HDB towns for residents’ convenience, and a key priority is ensuring that public housing meets changing needs and circumstances. Through renewal and upgrading programmes, HDB brings new features and improvements to older estates and towns to ensure their vibrancy and continued relevance. Find out how the various estate renewal and upgrading programmes will help to rejuvenate HDB estates here.

For more information, you may refer to the HDB InfoWeb:

2. How does the Ministry promote cohesive and inclusive communities through public housing?

Building communities within HDB towns is one of MND’s key priorities as such communities form the backbone of towns’ vibrancy. It is in this vein that HDB has designed our living environments with shared spaces and facilities, such as playgrounds, rooftop gardens, and pavilions for residents to mingle and interact. Town and Community Plazas are spaces for residents to gather and enjoy various activities with friends and neighbours. Another example is Kampung Admiralty, a one-stop hub with housing for the elderly and a host of facilities and amenities under one roof to serve the community in the vicinity. Kampung Admiralty has become an inclusive and well-connected hub for the community to enjoy. 

Together with residents and community partners, HDB also plans a series of programmes and initiatives to promote stronger bonds in the neighbourhood. Residents are encouraged to get involved in a number of ways, such as contributing to their own communities through volunteering, or even starting their own ground-up projects to enliven and shape their own neighbourhoods.

Find out how HDB builds active and cohesive communities here.

3. How does the Ministry ensure that public housing continues to improve and remains sustainable as well as liveable?

As master developer of public housing in Singapore, HDB plays a key role in supporting the nation’s commitment to sustainable development. A myriad of green spaces is provided in every housing development so that residents can enjoy greenery at their doorsteps. HDB has introduced new forms of greenery in rooftops and roof gardens, and integrated green and blue spaces into the community. The Biophilic Town Framework was also introduced to enable residents to better connect with nature and enjoy its intrinsic benefits.

HDB is currently the largest stakeholder in the installation of solar Photovolatic (PV) systems in Singapore. HDB has committed a total solar capacity of 330 MWp for 6,901 HDB blocks. This is equivalent to powering 82,500 4-room flats with solar energy, potentially reducing carbon emissions by 198,000 tonnes per year and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. The solar energy harnessed is used to power common services in the HDB estates like lifts, lighting in common areas and pumps.

HDB also engages the industry, academic institutions and public agencies to develop new technologies for the built environment and improve the lives of HDB residents. Through continuous research and innovation, it seeks to achieve improvements in productivity, quality and safety, to meet the growing demand for public housing. Find out more about HDB’s efforts to promote smart and sustainable living, and research and innovation.