Welcome Remarks by Minister Desmond Lee at the NDP2020 Nationwide Anthem Moment in Kampung Admiralty

Aug 9, 2020

Good morning to all our volunteers, friends, residents, my Cabinet and Parliamentary colleagues.

First, a very special and a very poignant happy National Day! Thank you all for joining us at Kampung Admiralty on this special occasion! Kampung Admiralty is a symbol of our present and our future aspirations of how we will live together, work together, play together, and age well together here in Singapore. It is a sign of the present and a sign of the future, and even in the midst of crisis and difficulty, we can take heart that we are looking to the future, and will not be deterred by whatever difficulties that come our way. In a very short while, we will be taking part in our very first Nationwide Anthem Moment, where Singaporeans all across the island, at events like these, or at the Padang, or in the heart of our homes, will sing our National Anthem in one collective voice. This is a reflection of the new norm that we are in – that despite the restrictions that we have had to put in place for everyone’s health and safety, which keep us physically apart, we will continue to find ways to come together as one united people.

Here with us today at Kampung Admiralty are some of the many outstanding Singaporeans who have been contributing to the fight against COVID-19, and we are honoured that you can join us today. In fact, this year’s National Day rallies Singaporeans to honour and cherish these Singaporeans. Let me welcome just two of our very special guests to come on stage with us. The first is Ms Grace Koh, who works in the National Parks Board (NParks). She has been working closely with partners from the private and the public sector to ensure that people who are arriving from the airport are able to smoothly check into hotels that have been designated as Stay-Home Notice (SHN) Dedicated Facilities. But beyond ensuring the process of smooth checking in, she also has a very important task – and that is to assure anxious family and relatives of these travellers that their loved ones under SHN are in good hands. 

Second, let us welcome Ms Maslindah Fazilah. Maslindah is an INSEAD Residences hospitality manager, who helps to manage a Government Quarantine Facility (GQF). She has been working hard to ensure that Persons Under Quarantine at her facility have a comfortable stay. She encourages them to contact her if they need anything at all – even if she has to use Google Translate to understand their requests! Being under quarantine is a stressful situation, but with the smile beneath her mask, she gives that assurance to all who are going through the process. I would like to thank Grace, Maslindah and many other dedicated Singaporeans, and friends of Singapore, for stepping up to help during this crisis which is as yet unfolding before us.

I also want to thank Singaporeans during this difficult time, for continuing to support one another in so many different ways: whether it is simply reminding each other to wear your masks properly; contributing your time, effort and resources to make sure that those who have less are well taken care of; or checking in on your neighbours to make sure that they are coping well during these trying times. Fighting COVID-19 is a community effort. We are all in this together. Though times are difficult, I’m sure that with all of your help, everyone will be able to get through this, as one united Singapore.

On this special occasion, I wish all of you and your families good health, and a Happy National Day. Majulah Singapura. Thank you.