Singapore Turf Club to close its facility by March 2027

Jun 5, 2023

Press Release

Singapore Turf Club to close its facility by March 2027
Last race meeting to take place in October 2024

1 The Singapore Turf Club (STC), which manages and operates horse racing in Singapore, will close its facility by March 2027. The last race meeting is scheduled to take place in October 2024.

Optimising resources to meet Singaporeans’ needs

2 Singapore is a city-state with limited land. The Government continually reviews its land use plans to meet today’s needs while ensuring there is sufficient land for future generations. Local horse racing has also experienced declining spectatorship over the years.

3 The Government has decided that redeveloping the Singapore Racecourse site will allow for the land occupied by the racecourse (spanning some 120 hectares) and its surroundings to be holistically master planned to better meet our future land use needs. This is in addition to the other major plans for Singapore’s northern region, which include redeveloping the Woodlands Checkpoint, enhancing Woodlands Town under the Remaking our Heartland programme, and master planning Lim Chu Kang into a high-tech agri-food cluster.

4 The Singapore Racecourse site will be used for housing, including public housing. MND is also studying other potential uses including leisure and recreation. MND will also take into consideration the needs and requirements of various equestrian entities that intend to continue operating in Singapore, including compatibility with other land uses being considered for the area. MND will provide a timely update on the land use plans after the necessary assessments and studies have been completed. The land is to be returned to the Government in 2027, so that land preparation and redevelopment can commence.

Ensuring smooth transition and closure of STC

5 In the lead up to the closure, MOF and MND will work with Tote Board and STC, as well as other relevant stakeholders and agencies during the transition period to ensure that their respective needs are addressed for a smooth transition and closure of STC.

6 Employees of STC will be supported through the winding down exercise. Retrenchments will be phased, with the first phase around 16 months from this announcement. Upon cessation of employment, employees will receive retrenchment packages aligned with the Ministry of Manpower’s regulatory requirements and guidelines, taking into consideration factors such as the employee’s length of service. Employees will also be provided with transition support which includes counselling, job placement assistance, personal career guidance, and skills training courses to enable them to find new employment.

7 Racehorse trainers and owners will receive support for horse maintenance and exportation. For other affected stakeholders, such as STC tenants and livery horse owners, STC will continue to honour its existing contractual obligations. The Government will also provide a timely update on the land use plans, to ensure sufficient time for affected stakeholders to make the necessary arrangements.

Issued by:
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of National Development
5 June 2023