New OneService ‘Shared Bicycles’ Category Offers a Convenient Channel to Report Indiscriminately Parked Shared Bicycles

Nov 2, 2017

The Municipal Services Office (MSO) is partnering the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and bicycle-sharing operators to introduce a new feedback category on ‘Shared Bicycles’ in the OneService app. The new category will offer the public a more convenient way to provide feedback on indiscriminately parked bicycles which are causing obstruction and inconvenience in their neighbourhood (see Annex A). The feedback will be sent directly through the OneService app to the bicycle-sharing operators for attention.

This new feedback category complements the Collective MOU signed by LTA, NParks and the 16 Town Councils with the five incumbent bicycle-sharing operators to encourage responsible operation of bicycle-sharing services in public spaces. As part of the MOU, the bicycle-sharing operators will address the problem of indiscriminate parking through the geo-fencing trials with their users. The OneService app category supports this effort by offering a convenient channel for residents, who do not make use of the bicycle-sharing apps, to report shared bicycles that are causing obstruction in their neighbourhood.

Data gathered will guide future operations and infrastructure

By sharing feedback on indiscriminately parked shared bicycles through the OneService app, members of public will also be providing MSO and LTA with data to develop a more accurate sense of residents’ concerns regarding dis-amenities caused by shared bicycles. The feedback gathered will enable MSO and LTA to glean information on the hotspots and guide planning for future operations and infrastructure to address the issue of indiscriminate parking of shared bikes.      

The new category will be continuously improved to reflect changing circumstances, for example, including new bicycle-sharing operators when they come on-board.      

Residents Can Look Forward to More Holistic Solutions to Municipal Issues

This new feedback category follows a similar public-private-partnership model as the OneService App’s existing ‘Spot Abandoned Trolleys’ category, launched in April 2016 with major supermarket chains to help retrieve abandoned supermarket trolleys.

This initiative is also a demonstration of the partnership between MSO, Town Councils, partner agencies and private organisations, and our commitment to offer effective solutions to municipal issues. Residents can look forward to more comprehensive solutions to municipal issues, particularly those straddling multiple agencies, as a result of the OneService partnership in the future.