Written answer by Ministry of National Development on update on HDB blocks with flats without same floor lift access and projected number of HDB blocks to be offered the Lift Upgrading Programme

Apr 3, 2024

Question No: 5728

Question by: Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong

To ask the Minister for National Development (a) since the last update on 4 July 2023, whether the number of HDB blocks with flats which still does not have same floor lift access have decreased; and (b) in each of the next three years, what is the projected number of HDB blocks which will be offered the Lift Upgrading Programme.


The Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) was introduced in 2001. Since then, HDB has successfully implemented LUP in more than 5,000 blocks which were originally built without direct lift access. Today, around 99% of all HDB blocks were either built with direct lift access or have benefitted from the LUP.

Amongst the blocks that qualify for LUP, 2 of them have completed LUP works since 4 July 2023. Works are currently in progress for another 31 blocks, and are scheduled for completion progressively over the next 3 years.