Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on shortlisting of applicants for BTO flats

Nov 4, 2019

Mr Gan Thiam Poh: To ask the Minister for National Development:

a) in determining the number of queue numbers to be issued to BTO flat applicants, what is the multiplier used in relation to the number of BTO flats for sale in the non-mature and mature estates respectively; 
b) what has been the take-up rate for these applicants in 2016-2018 as compared to that in 2013-2015; and
c) whether the Ministry will review the BTO application process to allow those who have been given a queue number to drop out sooner so as to expedite the flat selection process.


For all flats offered in BTO exercises, HDB shortlists applicants up to 300% of the flat supply.  

In both 2013-2015 and 2016-2018, about three in five applicants who were invited to book a flat in a BTO exercise proceeded to do so.  

Shortlisted flat applicants are invited to book a flat in sequence of their balloted queue positions. They may request HDB to cancel their applications at any time. Generally, applicants are more likely to drop out nearer their flat booking appointment, or during the appointment itself, when their preferred flats are no longer available. At that point, it would be too late to advance the appointments of subsequent applicants as we will not be able to give them sufficient notice.  

Shortlisted flat applicants may continue to apply for a flat in another sales exercise as long as they have yet to book a flat. This ensures that they will not miss out on applying for a flat in another sales launch, if there are flats they are interested in, even while waiting for their booking appointment from an earlier sales exercise.