Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on review on the regulatory approach for the pet industry and pet boarding businesses and licensing requirement for pet boarding businesses

Mar 5, 2021

Mr Louis Ng Kok Kwang: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) whether he can provide an update on the Ministry's review on the regulatory approach for the pet industry and pet boarding businesses; and (b) whether the Ministry will be introducing a licensing requirement for pet boarding businesses in addition to the standards and best practices listed in the Code of Animal Welfare (for Pet Industry). 


In 2019, NParks embarked on a review of the pet sector to raise animal health and welfare standards, and safeguard public health. Since then, NParks has consulted the public and worked closely with stakeholders, and has made progress in several areas. For example, in 2020, NParks implemented one-time licensing for sterilised dogs and introduced vaccination guidelines to strengthen the animal health system. NParks also worked on increasing dog rehoming rates by allowing more mixed-breed dogs to be rehomed in HDB flats under Project ADORE. To further improve dog rehoming and adoption processes, a multi-stakeholder Rehoming and Adoption Work Group was formed in October last year. We thank the Member for being part of this work group. 

As part of the pet sector review, NParks also intends to raise the standards of service providers in the pet sector. For example, NParks plans to license commercial pet boarding facilities based on the scale and nature of their operations. It is also reviewing the licensing conditions for pet boarders and breeders, including the housing and management, healthcare and traceability of the animals. NParks has been working with relevant stakeholders on this revised regulatory framework, and will announce more details when ready.