Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on rainwater splashing issue at HDB flats

Nov 20, 2018

Mr Patrick Tay Teck Guan: To ask the Minister for National Development with regard to HDB flats in Boon Lay constituency which are more than 30 years of age and have completed the Home Improvement Programme (HIP), what more can the Ministry do to mitigate rain splashing into the common corridors, lift landings, corridors and front doors and windows of these flats.


The lift lobbies and common corridors at HDB projects are designed to be naturally lit and ventilated.  This open concept design is eco-friendly and lowers maintenance costs.

During a heavy downpour, especially during monsoon season, some rainwater splashing along the more open areas like lift lobbies and common corridors is inevitable. For weather protection, common corridors are therefore provided with an extended overhang (i.e. a canopy).  While this is generally adequate to minimise rainwater splashing during normal rainy days, it may not be able to fully prevent the corridor from getting wet during heavy downpours accompanied by strong winds.  

When HDB receives feedback from residents, it will assess the extent of the rainwater splashing.  If the splashing is severe and likely to damage the main entrance door of the unit, HDB will provide a rain screen, subject to SCDF’s fire safety requirements to ensure that there is adequate open space and cross ventilation at the common corridor to facilitate the quick dispersal of smoke during emergencies such as fire outbreak.  The provision of rain screen is a cost effective solution, and residents can submit their feedback to HDB whenever they identify the issue, regardless of whether their units have undergone HIP.

Members who have feedback on issues related to specific blocks can approach HDB so that we can look into the details.