Written answer by Ministry of National Development on proposal for ban on remote electric shock collars for animals

Apr 3, 2024

Question No: 5895

Question by: Mr Louis Ng Kok Kwang

To ask the Minister for National Development whether a ban of remote electric shock collars is being considered in the guidelines to be released by NParks on the risks of using aversive animal training devices.


          The guidelines that NParks will be releasing on aversive animal training devices, including electric shock collars, are meant to highlight the risks of using such devices and recommend good training practices to be adopted by the community. As such, the guidelines will not impose any restrictions on the use of such devices.

Following the release of the guidelines, NParks will continue to monitor the situation before deciding if further measures are needed. Notwithstanding this, NParks will continue to investigate and take enforcement action in cases where animal training devices cause unnecessary pain or suffering to animals, and to raise awareness on the least intrusive, minimally aversive approach to animal training.