Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on property agents’ treatment of prospective tenants of different races and nationalities

Nov 6, 2017

Mr Kok Heng Leun: To ask the Minister for National Development whether the Ministry will consider requiring estate agents licensed by the Council of Estate Agents to

a) refuse to place advertisements that exclude or favour groups of prospective tenants based on race or nationality; and

b) refuse instructions from clients who seek to exclude or favour such groups.


CEA’s regulatory guidelines require property agents to be sensitive to Singapore’s diverse social fabric. Property agents are not allowed to place advertisements that are discriminatory, offensive, or stereotype any particular race, religion or group in society. They are also not allowed to indicate a preference for any ethnicity in all advertisements, unless for compliance with government regulations such as the Ethnic Integration Policy. It is the duty of property agents to inform their clients of the need to adhere to these guidelines.

Property agents who breach any of these guidelines can either be issued a written warning, or be subjected to disciplinary action which may result in suspension or revocation of licence or registration.