Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on latest demand and supply imbalances of HDB rental flats

Feb 1, 2021

Mr Liang Eng Hwa: To ask the Minister for National Development: 

(a) what is the latest demand and supply imbalances of HDB rental flats;
(b) whether there are new supplies of rental flats planned for the next three years; and
(c) whether the Fresh Start Housing scheme has been useful in helping rental dwellers own their HDB flats.


The stock of rental flats is sufficient to meet demand.  HDB currently has about 5,000 vacant rental flats available for new applicants.

HDB plans to continue building a small number of new rental flats in the next few years, to gradually replace older rental blocks that are redeveloped and renew our stock of rental flats.

The Fresh Start Housing Scheme has helped second-timer public rental families with young children to own a home again.  Close to 100 families have been placed on the scheme.  Public rental families can also tap on other support for home ownership, such as the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant, the Step-Up CPF Housing Grant, and guidance from the Home ownership Support Team.