Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on implementation of transitional parking in HDB and URA car parks, and provision of food delivery pick-up points

Oct 5, 2020

Ms Hany Soh: To ask the Minister for National Development whether all HDB and URA car parks will (i) implement a transitional parking of at least 15 minutes grace period and (ii) provide designated food delivery pick-up points at loading and unloading bays for registered food delivery riders.


HDB and URA car parks generally offer a 10-minute grace period. The grace period was extended to 20 minutes from April to June this year to cater to the increase in delivery of food and other daily essentials, as a result of Circuit Breaker measures.

Since then, based on our monitoring of HDB and URA carpark usage, the proportion of people using the carparks for less than 20 minutes has largely reverted to pre-Circuit Breaker levels, where a 10-minute grace period was generally sufficient for motorists to conduct pick-up or drop-off activities. 

As the demand for HDB and URA car parks is high, the grace period has to be kept short to ensure quick turnover of vehicles. This prevents congestion in the car park, allows more motorists to use the car park, and ensures that the interests of residents who drive or have season parking are adequately safeguarded.  

In addition, loading and unloading bays are provided at HDB blocks for quick loading and unloading activities. Delivery riders can use these designated spots for food delivery and pick-up. 

Nonetheless, we will continue to monitor the situation on the ground, understand the needs of different groups of car park users including delivery drivers and riders, and review the grace period as necessary.