Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on heavy vehicle lots around HDB towns

Aug 1, 2017

Mr Kwek Hian Chuan Henry: To ask the Minister for National Development 
(a) whether he can provide an update on how the Government will better ensure availability of heavy vehicle lots around HDB towns; and
(b) whether there is a guideline on how accessible these lots need to be, whether by distance or travel time to nearby HDB towns.
Currently, there are about 44,000 heavy vehicle parking spaces island-wide, which exceeds the 33,000 heavy vehicles registered with LTA under the Vehicle Parking Certificate (VPC) scheme. LTA’s VPC scheme requires every heavy vehicle to have a certified overnight parking space before it is allowed to be registered or have its road tax renewed. Roughly 75% of the existing heavy vehicle parking spaces is provided by the private sector within industrial estates, which is where most heavy vehicles operate. The remaining 25% of heavy vehicle parking spaces is managed by URA and HDB in the form of temporary heavy vehicle parks located within or at the fringes of residential areas. 
There are practical difficulties in providing heavy vehicle parks in residential areas where land is needed for housing and other community uses. We have also received feedback of residents’ concerns on noise and safety arising from heavy vehicular traffic in residential areas.
Ultimately, it is the responsibility of business owners to have parking solutions for the vehicles they own, and also to work out with their drivers the appropriate transport options to commute to work.