Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on HDB responding to residents on rectification of defects

Nov 7, 2016

Ms Foo Mee Har: To ask the Minister for National Development what service standards and operating procedures does HDB apply when replying to residents on their feedback, complaints and requests for rectification of defects. 


HDB will rectify defects for new HDB flats covered under the one-year Defects Liability Period. In addition, HDB provides new flat owners with extended warranty coverage for three major defect types: 5 years for ceiling leakages and external seepage, and 10 years for spalling concrete. 

During the one-year Defects Liability Period, HDB sets up a Building Service Centre within the precinct to facilitate the defects reporting and rectification process for residents. When flat owners report defects directly at the Building Service Centre, they get to choose a date on the spot for joint inspection with HDB’s contractor, to verify the defects. For flat owners who send in their feedback via email or letters, the BSC will contact them within 3 working days to schedule the joint inspection. 

HDB aims to complete the rectification works within 14 working days. In exceptional or complicated cases where more time is required, flat owners will be informed of the expected completion date. Upon completion of rectification works, another joint inspection with the flat owner will be carried out to ensure that rectification works are carried out satisfactorily.

For issues that may arise beyond the one-year Defects Liability Period, HDB will contact the flat owners within 3 working days of receiving the feedback, and advise flat owners accordingly. The appropriate follow-up action will depend on the nature and complexity of the defects. This is because such defects may be caused by a variety of reasons, such as the workmanship of HDB’s building contractors or the flat owners’ own actions.