Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on fitness corners in HDB estates

Apr 3, 2017

Mr Leon Perera: To ask the Minister for National Development 

(a) what are the criteria to determine what type of fitness corners and equipment are built in an HDB estate;

(b) how many of the existing fitness corners are catered for national servicemen for their IPPT training; and

(c) whether these equipment also cater to other residents such as the elderly, teenagers and children.


Since mid-2000s, new HDB developments have been provided with 3-Generation (3G) Family Playgrounds. Apart from play stations for children, these playgrounds also include a wide range of fitness stations which cater to adults and the elderly.
For the adult fitness stations, HDB’s appointed consultants select equipment suitable for muscular and strength development. For the elderly fitness stations, the focus is on equipment which emphasise aerobic fitness and flexibility. All the equipment must comply with Singapore Standard 534 : 2007, which specifies safety requirements for outdoor fitness equipment. 

As for the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), it currently comprises only the push-ups, sit-ups and a 2.4 km run. These exercises do not require any special equipment, and can be done at the fitness corners or even at home.