Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on feedback received on nuisances caused by crows and pigeons in recent years and effectiveness of measures taken

Aug 1, 2022

Mr Liang Eng Hwa: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) whether there has been an increasing number of feedback received on nuisances caused by the growing number of crows and pigeons in recent years; and (b) whether an update can be provided on the effectiveness of the current measures in reducing the nuisances caused to residents.


1          The number of pigeon-related feedback received by NParks has remained constant, while the number of crow-related feedback cases has increased moderately in recent years.

2          NParks adopts a community and science-based approach to manage the population of birds in Singapore, comprising measures such as habitat modification, food source reduction, and population control.

3          At HDB housing estates, NParks works with Town Councils to carry out habitat modification, such as tree pruning, installing netting on HDB flats, as well as replacing certain tree species to discourage roosting. NParks also works with stakeholders such as animal management companies and Town Councils to trap pest birds such as crows and pigeons in a safe and humane manner, to manage their populations. In addition, NParks carries out studies to understand the ecology of birds, such as their roosting patterns and movements, to support its bird management strategies.

4          To reduce the availability of food sources, NParks works closely with SFA, NEA, and Town Councils to encourage proper food waste management at food establishments around HDB housing estates, and to enforce against littering and illegal bird-feeding. NParks also partners agencies and Town Councils to educate the community on proper refuse management. These measures have been effective in mitigating the disturbances caused to residents.

5          NParks will continue to work closely with agencies to enhance its bird management strategies to reduce bird-related disamenities, such as noise disturbances caused to residents.