Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on complaints received against HDB accredited or registered renovation contractors

May 9, 2022

Mr Ang Wei Neng: To ask the Minister for National Development (a) whether it is a requirement for HDB flat owners to use only HDB accredited or registered renovation contractors when applying for renovation permits; (b) what is the list of criteria that a renovation contractor needs to fulfil before its inclusion in the HDB Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC); and (c) in the last three years, what is the number of complaints received by HDB pertaining to renovations and how many renovation contractors have been taken to task by HDB respectively.


1          Flat owners who are renovating their homes must engage a contractor listed in the HDB Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC). These renovation contractors would be familiar with HDB’s renovation requirements. Flat owners are also required to obtain a renovation permit from HDB for certain renovation works such as demolition of walls and hacking of flooring that may affect the structural integrity of the building. The works requiring renovation permits are set out on the HDB InfoWeb.

2          To be listed on the DRC, the applicant must fulfil several criteria such as having attended and completed the ‘Renovation for Public Housing’ training course by BCA Academy, and have relevant experience in the renovation trade. These criteria are intended to indicate the contractor’s experience, capability and financial standing to carry out renovation works in accordance with HDB’s requirements and in a manner that safeguards the structural integrity of the building. Details on the application process and criteria are available on HDB InfoWEB.

3          Over the past three years, HDB received an average of 1,000 cases of feedback per year on renovation contractors, and quality and timeliness of renovation work. As the engagement of renovation contractors is a private arrangement, HDB advises homeowners to approach the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) or Small Claims Tribunal if there are any disputes on the service, quality or timeliness of the renovation works.

4          Renovation contractors who are found in breach of HDB’s terms will be penalised under the Demerit Points System, which may result in the company’s suspension from the DRC and thus, inability to take on HDB renovation projects. In the past three years, HDB has penalised about 200 errant contractors. Some examples of infringements include working beyond permitted hours, failing to send written notices to neighbours to inform them of renovation work, and dirtying the common area.