Oral Answer by Ministry of National Development on wildlife management

Aug 3, 2021

Mr Louis Ng Kok Kwang: To ask the Minister for National Development whether the Ministry will develop an action plan for urban wildlife management in consultation with nature groups and with a stronger focus on co-existence measures rather than removal of wildlife which reinforces the mindset that native wildlife are pests.


NParks adopts a holistic, science-based approach to wildlife management, and works closely with the community to promote harmonious human-wildlife co-existence. 

NParks works with various stakeholders such as nature groups, academics, agencies, and the community in its public education and outreach efforts. This is one of the key thrusts of NParks’ wildlife management approach. For example, NParks partners these stakeholders to develop educational resources and outreach initiatives to advise the community on how to respond to wildlife sightings, and to raise public awareness on the negative impact of feeding wildlife. In addition, NParks works with stakeholders to host its monthly human-wildlife encounters webinar series, to promote responsible behaviour during such encounters. NParks also works with nature groups as part of various working groups to manage wildlife, including co-creating plans to address issues such as wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release. 

As part of NParks’ science-based approach to wildlife management, NParks also conducts population surveys and research studies to better understand the distribution of wildlife in Singapore. For example, by identifying wildlife hotspots, NParks is able to implement mitigation measures against roadkill, such as putting in place vehicle speed reduction measures. Notwithstanding this, NParks may have to carry out measures such as the removal of wildlife to safeguard public safety, where needed. 

NParks will continue to work closely with the community to promote harmonious human-wildlife co-existence, as part of our efforts to transform Singapore into a City in Nature. All of us can also play our part by not feeding wildlife, keeping our residential areas clean, and appreciating wildlife from a safe distance.