Written Answer by Ministry of National Development on issues in the implementation of rooftop gardens

Jul 13, 2015

Mr Zaqy Mohamad: To ask the Minister for National Development 

(a) whether HDB has considered security, abuse and noise nuisance issues in the implementation of rooftop gardens that are built on top of multi-storey carparks of new HDB developments which are often situated very close to residential units; 

(b) to prevent misuse by drug users, late night drinking and overnight gatherings, whether HDB will consider installing limited security access for residents only; and 

(c) whether HDB will consider working with the police to install CCTV cameras at such rooftop gardens for close monitoring and prevention of abuse. 


Rooftop gardens at HDB multi-storey car parks (MSCP) provide greenery and recreational space for residents. HDB takes care to place facilities which may be noise-generating further from the flats to reduce potential dis-amenity. Plants are also provided close to the flats to address privacy concerns of the residents. 

Facilities within public housing estates are designed to be open and accessible to all. Similar to landscaped spaces on the ground, rooftop gardens are communal spaces for people to meet, mingle and interact with one another. They are not intended for the exclusive use of one group of residents. 

HDB works closely with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to ensure safe and secure neighbourhoods. While there are no plans to install CCTV cameras at all MSCP roof gardens, such initiatives will be considered should there be security or crime concerns at these areas. As the existing roof gardens form part of the common property under the management and maintenance of the Town Councils, Town Councils could also liaise with SPF to assess the viability of installing CCTV cameras at localised areas where there are safety and security concerns, especially those covering the ingress and egress into existing blocks.