There are three categories under MSA and one Love Our 'Hood Award:

  • Municipal Services Award Team category – To recognise inter-agency teams/projects which have exhibited excellent team spirit and delivered impactful outcomes in municipal service delivery through sustainable/systemic solutions;

  • Municipal Services Award Individual category – To recognise individual officers who have gone beyond their call of duty to serve the residents;

  • Municipal Services Award Community category – To recognise projects involving our community partners who have contributed towards improving our living environment with our partner agencies and Town Councils. Since 2022, the award has been enhanced so that community partners (non-government organisations/grassroots volunteers/individual residents) can nominate municipal-related projects (i.e. completely ground-up) and submit directly to MSO.Previously, nominations could only be submitted through partner agencies or Town Councils; and

  • Love Our ‘Hood Award – To recognise community partners whose sustained efforts exemplify a collaborative spirit for the upkeep and improvement of the local living environment.

Here are the differences between the Community Category and Love Our ‘Hood Award:

Community Category Love Our 'Hood Category
Recognises projects Recognises community groups
Projects have to be completed within a qualifying period No qualifying period for community groups as many efforts are ongoing and sustained
Project should address at least one municipal issue/disamenity              Groups should address several municipal issues or disamenities
Please find the nomination forms for the Community Category and Love Our ‘Hood Award below. Further details are enclosed in the forms.

The closing date for nomination is 28 Feb 2024.  You can submit your nomination by emailing us at

Individual Category (DOCX, 28 KB)
Community Category (DOCX, 30 KB)
Team Category (DOCX, 29 KB)
Love Our 'Hood Award (DOCX, 29 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 105 KB)