The Municipal Services Awards (MSA) is part of the OneService Recognition Framework (OSRF) to foster a positive One Service culture, and encourage inter-agency collaboration in municipal service delivery and partnership with the community.  There are three categories under MSA and one Love Our ‘Hood Award:

a) MSA Team - To recognise inter-agency teams/projects which have exhibited excellent team spirit and delivered impactful outcomes in municipal service delivery through sustainable/systemic solutions;

b) MSA Individual - To recognise individual officers who have gone beyond their call of duty to serve the residents; 

c) MSA Community - To recognise projects involving our community partners who have contributed towards improving our living environment with our partner agencies and Town Councils; and

d) Love Our ‘Hood Award - To recognise community partners whose sustained efforts exemplify a collaborative spirit for the upkeep and improvement of the local living environment.

Municipal Services Awards 2022 Video

Awards Through the Years