Our Vision

One Service, an Engaged Community for a Better Living Environment

Our Mission

Enhance the delivery of Municipal Services and Infrastructure 
Enhance the Citizen-Centric and Continuous Improvement Mindset across Partner Agencies 
Promote Community Partnership and Civic Responsibility

Our Values


About Us

The Municipal Services Office (MSO) was set up on 1 October 2014 to improve the Government's overall coordination and delivery of municipal services.

Ms Ann Sim, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of National Development, oversees MSO.

The MSO is part of the Government's on-going efforts to improve the delivery of municipal services by various public agencies in Singapore. Municipal services are services that pertain to the upkeep and improvement of the living environment for residents and the general public.  These include managing the cleanliness of public areas, maintenance of greenery and local infrastructure such as roads and footpaths.


The MSO works with its partners - public agencies and Town Councils (TCs) - to improve feedback management and service delivery for these municipal services. The MSO continuously reviews and fine-tunes work processes to better manage and address public feedback on municipal issues, so that the cases can be resolved quickly and effectively.  In particular, the MSO takes the lead to coordinate with public agencies and TCs to develop systemic solutions to resolve complex issues which cut across different public agencies and TCs so as to better serve residents and the general public.   

The MSO also supports the transformation of the municipal services sector to better leverage technology, build capabilities, and inculcate a OneService culture among its partners.  The MSO also engages the community to facilitate ground-up initiatives and promote stronger civic responsibility to build a better living environment for all.