Our Vision

One Service, an Engaged Community for a Better Living Environment

Our Mission

Enhance the delivery of Municipal Services and Infrastructure 
Enhance the Citizen-Centric and Continuous Improvement Mindset across Partner Agencies 
Promote Community Partnership and Civic Responsibility

Our Values


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The Municipal Services Office (MSO) works with key government agencies, Town Councils and our community partners to improve feedback management and customer service for municipal services. One such collaborative effort is the OneService App, which allows you to report on municipal issue easily without the need to know which agency is responsible for the issue.  You can scan the QR code below to download the OS App.

MSO also helps to coordinate all the relevant parties in areas where multiple agencies are involved in an efficient and coordinated manner, which in turn helps to improve the living environment for Singaporeans.  MSO does not displace the functions of Government agencies and Town Councils as they continue to take charge of their domain areas so that the public can be served directly and effectively.