Our goal is to transform our OneService digital products consisting of the OneService (OS) App and Portal into a one-stop community platform to meet residents’ diverse municipal needs. MSO works closely with our partner agencies, Town Councils and the industry to find ways to tackle municipal issues efficiently and effectively, as well as to promote greater neighbourliness and kampong spirit in the neighbourhood.

OneService. One App. A Brand New Experience.

Log in Page  (OS App 4.0)

New User Interface
The OS App will not just be for feedback reporting, but also as a tool to inform and engage the residents, and to allow simple transactions. The new design is “modular” to allow new modules to be incorporated over time.

OS App 4.0 

Submit Case Module
The new design allows users to report cases in a simple, easy and convenient way.  We have enhanced the geotagging experience so as to enable our partner agencies and Town Councils to locate the issues and respond to your cases in a timely manner.  

Find Parking (beta) Module
Motorists can locate the nearby public and commercial car parks. It contains useful car park information such as parking rates, operating hours and car park entrances.  For this beta module, the lot availability and height clearance of some car parks are displayed.

 Categories and Sub Cats  (OS App 4.0) 

Start Parking Module
For URA and HDB coupon car parks, motorists can initiate an electronic parking session through this module which is similar to the app.  The payment transaction will be processed through

Find Parking  (OS App 4.0)

MSO and Singapore Management University are piloting this app to encourage active citizenry and promote greater neighbourliness.  It is a crowdtasking app where agencies, residents, grassroots leaders and volunteer groups can post interesting activities or simple tasks for others to perform, and to help one another. 

Help buddy


The OneService (OS) Portal was launched on 30 Sep 2016 in partnership with partner agencies and Town Councils as a complementary digital product to the OS App for a seamless and holistic OneService digital experience. The focus of the OS Portal is to provide a one-stop digital feedback and information channel on municipal information and services. We have recently redesigned the OS Portal in 2017 to improve on the user experience. Besides having a new interface with improved visuals and navigational experience, we have also added in the following new features that are citizen centric, neighbourhood friendly and community focussed that will benefit citizens’ daily lives.

 OS Portal

Attend Events
MSO has worked with several agencies such as NParks, HDB, URA, AVA, MCCY, Youth Corp, etc. to feature some of their events which fit into the selected categories of Arts & Heritage, Community, Nature and Sports & Fitness on the OS Portal. Users would be able to find out and participate easily in events or activities that interest them without having to toggle between multiple agencies’ websites. With these events’ information within their fingertips, users could also easily invite their friends and family to participate in these events.

Attend events 


My Widgets
Retrieval of neighbourhood centric information on matters such as block washing schedules, bin chute flushing schedules, hawker centre closures, weather, air quality has been redesigned to be conveniently displayed on the OS Portal’s homepage as widgets to reduce the time and mouse clicks required for users to toggle through multiple pages.

My Widgets