Alliance for Action (AfA) on Norms for Joss Paper Burning 焚烧冥纸规范行动联盟


The Alliance for Action (AfA) on Norms for Joss Paper Burning is a cross-sector collaboration involving stakeholders from community, businesses, and government with the goal of forging a consensus within the Chinese community on desired norms for the traditional custom of joss paper burning. The AfA plans to embark on a multi-year Public Education (PE) campaign to raise awareness on the correct way of practicing joss paper burning, starting with this year’s 7th Lunar Month.

The AfA is co-led by Mr Kua Soon Khe from the Singapore Buddhist Federation and Mr Hong Poh Hin BBM from the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, and advised by Senior Minister of State for National Development, Ms Sim Ann. The AfA plans to develop effective PE messages on responsible joss paper burning in consultation with the Chinese community and key stakeholders, including religious and temple leaders, religious goods merchants and funeral service providers.


Key Public Education Messages

The PE campaign during this year’s 7th Lunar Month will focus on correcting misconceptions and myths associated with the joss burning folk practice. The key messages are as follows:
  1. Let’s be kind to our environment and neighbours when burning joss paper.
  2. Please burn small quantities of joss paper at a time to ensure complete combustion and reduce smoke and ashes.
  3. Traditionally joss paper should be burnt during worshipping, and not tossed or scattered.
  4. Please clear up your offerings after prayers.

  1. 环保祭祀。爱心祭祀。焚烧冥纸时,为环境和邻里留一份心。
  2. 焚烧冥纸时,每次将少量的冥纸放进焚化炉里,确保冥纸燃尽,可减少烟雾和灰烬。
  3. 冥纸是用来烧的,不是用来抛的。
  4. 祭祀后,请清理香烛祭品,保持环境清洁。

AfA Members & Organisations

Name Designation Organisation
Kua Soon Khe
Kua Soon Khe
Chief Executive, Singapore Buddhist Federation
SBF Logo
Hong Poh Hin
Hong Poh Hin BBM
Treasurer, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations

Chairman, Singapore Foochow Association

Chairman, Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association
Shi You WeiVenerable Shi You Wei
Abbot, Di Zang Lin

Chairman of Education Committee, Singapore Buddhist Federation
Di Zang Lin Logo Transparent bg With trademark 20200917 (1)
Venerable Shi You GuangVenerable Shi You Guang
Abbot, Dong Xun Ge (Samantabhadra Vihara)

Secretary-General, Singapore Buddhist Federation
Dong Xun Ge
Master Benjamin Tan Photo
Benjamin Tan
Leader of Prayer & Blessing Group and Special Committee Member, Taoist Federation (Singapore)
《新加坡道教总会》祈祷⼩组组⻓ & 特别 委员
Taoist Federation (SG) Logo
Liow Kok Ann
Liow Kok Ann
Board Member, Wat Ananda
Logo WAM (2)
Pua Luck Kheng
Pua Luck Kheng
Unit Manager, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
Kong Meng San Por Kark See Monastery Logo
Yeo Cheong Hua
Yeo Cheong Hua
Chairman, Singapore Religious Goods Merchants Association (RGMA)
Hoo Hung Chung Chye
Hoo Hung Chye
Executive Director, The Association of Funeral Directors Singapore
AFD logo (1) (002)
Bernard Choo
Choo Chee Wee, Bernard
Editor, Shin Min Daily News
Chua Chim Kang
Chief Editor, MediaCorp Chinese News & Current Affairs

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