• This octagonal-shaped icon with an arrow symbolises co-operation and Whole-of-Government working amongst all the agencies as One Service.

  • The octagonal shape symbolises how the MSO harnesses the collective capabilities of agencies towards the delivery of timely and effective municipal services. It also conveys the strength, professionalism and efficiency of agencies in making Singapore one of the most conducive and desirable living environments in the world.

  • The Open Sans Font is chosen as it is reader-friendly, with a serious yet contemporary look.

    The colours of the logo.
  • Pink – Symbolises passion and energy amongst the agencies to deliver citizen-centric municipal services
  • Yellow – Symbolises the innovation and creativity of agencies to design solutions to resolve complex municipal issues
  • Green and turquoise – Symbolises the continuous growth and capability development of the OneService community to better serve the general public
  • Blue - Symbolises the sincerity and commitment of the agencies towards delivery of citizen-centric municipal services