Proud of Your ’Hood? Want to Make it a Better Place to Live in?

The Love Our Hood Initiative by the Municipal Services Office seeks to provide residents and community stakeholders with resources to co-develop community-based solutions to manage municipal issues and foster neighbourliness in our neighbourhoods.

As a workgroup participant, you will get a chance to investigate municipal issues in your ’hood, decide the issues you want to tackle, and meet and consult with subject matter experts. You will also have the chance to network with fellow participants to discuss ideas and come up with your own proposals.

All ideas proposed by the workgroups will be considered. You just need to be committed to test and implement your ideas in the community. We want to partner as many of you as possible in your journey to bring your ideas into reality!

The Love Our ‘Hood Initiative have completed 3 runs. Programmes were held in Mountbatten and Pioneer in 2021, as well as Bukit Gombak in 2022.


You may watch highlights of the programme here:

Mountbatten highlights video: link 
Mountbatten report: link 

Pioneer highlights video: link
Pioneer report: link 

Bukit Gombak highlights video: link
Bukit Gombak report: link


Stay tuned to this space for updates of the programme in 2023!

What are Municipal Issues?

Municipal issues are issues pertaining to the upkeep and improvement of common areas in our living spaces such as public cleanliness (littering), animals (pigeon feeding, stray cat feeding, pet dog ownership), neighbourliness (noise, smoking in homes, dripping laundry), use of common areas (cluttered corridors, congregation noise) and illegal parking.


Some of these issues may be driven by irresponsible social behaviours, which, if not addressed, can cause inconvenience and disrupt harmonious relationships among neighbours and other residents.

Challenge Statement

How might we as a community approach municipal issues in our 'hood to build a better living environment, and foster neighbourliness for a 'hood that we can be proud of?


How can I improve my ‘hood?

Check out the Love Our ‘Hood Fund and find out how we can support your grounds-up initiative in addressing municipal issues in your neighbourhood!



1. Who is organising the Love Our ‘Hood Initiative?

In 2021 and 2022, Love Our ‘Hood Initiative is organised by the Miunicipal Services Office (MSO) in partnership with Mountbatten, Pioneer and Bukit Gombak Constituency Offices.

Looking ahead in 2023, MSO will scale LOHI in the format of workshops based on municipal themes across Singapore. The programme will continue to develop strong community involvement in building a better living environment in our neighbourhood.

These workshops will involve volunteers across towns in Singapore in developing interventions that are effectivein addressing specific municipal issues.

2. Who can participate in LOHI?

We encourage residents and community stakeholders who have an interest in addressing municipal issues in your neighbourhood, to keep a lookout for the LOHI workshops in 2023.

3. Can I participate if I am not a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident?

You must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident to be eligible to participate. Non-Singaporeans are welcome to volunteer for involvement as a subject matter expert if they have the relevant expertise, or be involved in the implementation process.

4. Can I participate if I live, study or work outside of the neighbourhood which a specific LOHI workshop is held?

Yes you can. The initiative is open to Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who have an interest to address municipal issues.

5. What language will be used in conducting the sessions?

Sessions will be conducted in English.

6. How will the sessions be conducted in view of safe distancing measures due to Covid-19?

Sessions may be held physically or online (e.g. via video conferencing and using collaboration tools). We will do our best to orientate participants if sessions are held online so they are familiar with the digital tools used during the sessions.

Depending on guidelines issued on safe distancing measures, physical sessions may resume when they are allowed with safe management measures put in place. We will inform the selected participants of the sessions’ format when we confirmed participation via email.

7. What if I cannot attend the workshop on the date which it is held?

Participants should make a commitment to the date/s of the workshop which they have signed up for.

8. What can I gain from participating in LOHI workshops?

Participants will have the opportunity to develop and deliberate prototype ideas in addressing specific municipal issues. Important information on funding support will also be shared at these workshops.

9. Can I sign up for more than 1 workshop?

Yes, you can. Participants will receive a confirmation email for the respective workshops that they have signed up for.

10. When will I know if I have been selected?

We will inform you through email if you are successful in your registration for a workshop.

11. Who can I contact if I require further assistance?

You can contact us at