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of their living environment. MND also regulates the real estate
agency industry to raise professional standards and safeguard
consumer interests.
We ensure the development of an excellent built environment for
Singapore through enhancing the capabilities and productivity of
our construction industry, so as to maintain a conducive space to
live, work and play. We spearhead greening efforts in two ways – by
making our buildings more energy efficient and environmentally-
friendly and by transforming Singapore from a ‘Garden City’, into
a dynamic city with pervasive greenery, thriving biodiversity and a
passionate green community.
Establishing a Brighter Tomorrow
through the Centre for Liveable Cities
Faced with a rapidly changing global environment, there is a need
to adopt a model of sustainable development. In April 2009, MND
and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR)
formulated the Report of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable
Development – a set of strategies to make Singapore a liveable and
lively city-state.
We facilitate discussions with other city leaders and experts on
sustainable urbanisation through the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC).
Jointly established by MND and MEWR, CLC is a knowledge centre
that creates and shares information on liveable and sustainable cities.
CLC also co-organises the biennial World Cities Summit with URA.
Participants at this premier event include international practitioners,
policy makers, and leading experts who formulate innovative solutions
to address the pressing challenges facing cities today.
In addition, MND co-organises the Urban Sustainability R&D
Congress – a national platform for government agencies, research
institutes and private sector companies to discuss responses to
national urban sustainability challenges. Through this congress, we
hope to promote the development of urban solutions to create
a better quality of life for Singaporeans.
Ensuring Food Safety
MND is also responsible for ensuring a resilient food supply for
Singapore. We do this by diversifying overseas food sources and
increasing local production. In addition, we maintain a high standard of
animal and plant health.
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City