Page 4 - MND Handbook

Established in 1959, MND is the key government agency responsible
for national land use and development planning. We guide Singapore’s
physical development and optimise scarce land resources. At the
same time, we actively pursue the conservation of heritage buildings
and areas to balance the rapid development of the country.
Together with our statutory boards – the Agri-Food & Veterinary
Authority (AVA), the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the
Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), the Housing & Development
Board (HDB), the National Parks Board (NParks), and the Urban
Redevelopment Authority (URA), MND makes a concerted effort
to ensure Singapore remains the best home for all who live, work
and play here.
In this book, we share how MND helps to shape Singapore into a
distinctive global city through building up our infrastructure, raising
our standard of living and strengthening social cohesiveness.
Creating a ‘City in a Garden’
and a Home for All Singaporeans
MND is committed to providing a home for all Singaporeans by
delivering affordable and quality public housing solutions. Strong
communities are built so that residents have a sense of ownership
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City