Page 3 - MND Handbook

Over the past years, Singapore has been featured prominently
in annual international surveys on living standards. For instance,
Mercer’s 2011 Quality of Living Survey ranked Singapore the most
liveable Asian city. Monocle’s 2010 Quality of Life Survey also
named Singapore as one of the world’s 25 most liveable cities.
Singapore’s evolving landscape and physical infrastructure are the fruits
of the Ministry of National Development’s (MND) labour and showcases
our careful long-term planning over the past 50 years. MND’s policies on
land use planning and infrastructural development are vital to sustaining
Singapore’s economic growth and the social well-being of all Singaporeans.
With the country’s swift development and growth, MND’s challenge has
evolved from providing basic housing and infrastructure to creating a
holistic living environment that meets the aspirations and expectations of
an increasingly affluent, well-travelled and articulate population.
With this in mind, MND aims to make Singapore ‘An Endearing Home
and a Distinctive Global City’ and is committed to fulfilling our Mission by:
Developing a world class infrastructure
Creating a vibrant and sustainable living environment
Building rooted and cohesive communities
Given Singapore’s limited resources, MND is aware of the imperative need for
Singapore to maintain sustainable growth and create a living environment
of outstanding quality.
At the same time, MND has placed growing emphasis on the softer
aspects of the country’s development by instilling a sense of belonging
in Singaporeans. We involve Singaporeans in our efforts to build a world-
class city and a better home which we are proud of and passionate
about. We strive to leverage on the city state’s unique distinguishing
characteristics to develop Singapore into a global city of knowledge,
culture and excellence.