Page 6 - MND Handbook

Driving High Standards of Professional Engineering
The building and construction industry comprises many players who
contribute to the building process. The critical roles that professional
civil, mechanical and electrical engineers play stretches over the entire
building project life-cycle – from design to construction, operation
and maintenance.
To maintain high standards in the professional engineering practice,
the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) was set up in 1971 to
develop and ensure judicious regulation of the practice. This is to
safeguard the life, property and welfare of the public. The progress
of our housing, building and infrastructure development over the last
few decades is testament to the vital contributions that professional
engineers have made. As Singapore continues to develop, new
challenges arise. Through the PEB, the engineering profession
stays relevant and prepares for the future by mastering and making
use of new engineering technology.
Mediation and Arbitration Disputes in Strata Titled Properties
The Strata Titles Boards was set up in 1987 as a tribunal to mediate
disputes in strata titled properties between unit owners, or between
unit owners and the management corporation. Common disputes
include inter-floor water leakages, non-compliance with by-laws,
and invalidation of by-laws or resolutions of the management
corporations. The Board, made up of a panel of members consisting
of lawyers and experienced practitioners from the building industry,
also makes orders for collective sales of properties upon application
and mediates cases where there are objectors.
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