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Over the years, many development control
guidelines have been simplified and
revised to give greater flexibility, and to be
responsive to new trends. For example, to
improve customer service, the Electronic
Development and Application system was
introduced for increased convenience and
efficiency, enabling online submission of
development applications and amendments.
Supporting Growth through the
Government Land Sales Programme
To realise our planning intentions and
Singapore’s socio-economic objectives,
URA coordinates and releases State land
for private residential, commercial and hotel
developments through the Government
Land Sales (GLS) programme.
The GLS programme forges partnerships
between the Government and the private
sector. The Government plans and implements
key infrastructure before putting out land for
sale, while the private sector provides the
capital investment and market expertise to
develop these sites.
As the main Government land sales agent,
URA has facilitated the rejuvenation of the
historic Singapore River area into a vibrant
commercial, recreational and entertainment
precinct, and transformed Tanjong Rhu into a
quality waterfront living area. The successful
development of Marina Bay, Singapore’s new
financial district with key developments such
as the Marina Bay Financial Centre and Asia
Square, and the development of new growth
centres at Jurong Lake District and Paya
Lebar Central was also made possible through
the GLS programme.
Preserving Singapore’s
Architectural Heritage
The conservation of historic buildings
and areas to preserve Singapore’s rich
architectural heritage is an integral part of our
city planning. The Conservation Programme,
initiated two decades ago to answer the
need to preserve our built heritage, has
resulted in the protection of more than 7,000
heritage buildings in over 100 areas. This is
despite the constant challenge of meeting
the development needs of a small city state.
The programme is the first large-scale urban
conservation programme in Southeast Asia,
protecting areas, settings and vernacular
buildings of architectural and historical value.
Buildings are selected for conservation
based on historical and architectural
significance, rarity in terms of building types
and styles, and contribution to the overall
environment. Aside from colonial and pre-
war buildings, significant post-war edifices
are also identified for conservation. Our
conservation programme was conferred the
prestigious Urban Land Institute (ULI) Global
Awards for Excellence in October 2006 for
its successful public-private partnership,
comprehensiveness, and market-oriented
approach to conserving heritage districts.
Beyond conservation, we are also committed
to creating attractive new iconic developments
and spaces within Singapore. This is done by
promoting an active design culture through
Architecture and Urban Design Excellence
initiatives. These include providing incentives,
hosting world-class architecture exhibitions,
organising talks by eminent designers and
spearheading design competitions. Through
these efforts, we aim to create the mindset
and culture that will shape Singapore into an
attractive and memorable city.
Building the New City Extension
at Marina Bay
Marina Bay is Singapore’s most exciting and
ambitious urban transformation project to
date. The precinct will support Singapore’s
continuing growth as a major business and
financial hub in Asia. It is envisioned as a
vibrant 24/7, environmentally-friendly place
where people live, work and play in.
Designed with sustainability in mind and
adopting environmentally-sustainable
strategies and technologies in its
development, Marina Bay helps Singapore
increase its water supply capacity as it is now
a fresh water reservoir with the completion of
the Marina Barrage. The Bay will be served
by a comprehensive transport network, with
almost 10 new train stations to be built to
provide greater convenience for its residents
and workers. The enhanced connectivity
within Marina Bay and to the rest of Singapore
is aimed at encouraging greater use of public
transport in Marina Bay, reducing energy
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City