Page 39 - MND Handbook

Our challenge is to optimise every inch of Singapore’s
scarce land resources to meet current needs, safeguard
land for future development, and deliver the best quality
of life at each stage of growth. MND, with the Urban
Redevelopment Authority (URA), carries out strategic
planning of land use through the Concept and Master
Plans to contribute towardsmaintaining a strong economy
and good living environment in Singapore.
Rolling Out the Concept Plan
The Concept Plan, developed in 1971, maps
the long-termstrategy for Singapore’s land use
and physical development to the vision for the
country in the next 40 to 50 years. This plan
is reviewed every ten years to ensure that it
remains relevant, taking into account changing
economic prospects and population trends.
Last reviewed in 2001, the Concept Plan
went through a mid-term review in 2006
by MND, URA and various government
agencies. More urban development is
expected in Singapore as the country taps on
the potential investment opportunities in high
value-added industries, such as the financial,
business services and tourism sectors. To
accommodate a growing population, the plan
needs to incorporate ample housing options
and features that will enhance the living
experience in Singapore.
Fine-tuning the Master Plan
The Master Plan translates the macro visions
of the Concept Plan into detailed land use
plans and is reviewed every five years. The
Master Plan 1998 was the first to divide
Singapore into 55 areas and offered detailed
plans for each area. The detailed plans provide
a local perspective, setting guidelines on
land-use zoning, and height and development
intensity for each area. Together, the
plans addressed housing needs as well as
community, commercial, industrial, transport
and recreational facilities for the population
of each area.
The current Master Plan, which was
completed in 2008, features plans for three
new growth areas – Jurong Lake District,
Kallang Riverside, and Paya Lebar Central.
A new island-wide Leisure Plan was also
drawn up to showcase a variety of leisure
opportunities for all to enjoy. The plans
incorporated many innovative ideas from the
public, gathered through numerous dialogue
sessions and a public exhibition.
With the Concept Plan and Master Plan,
URA coordinates and implements building
work projects, and public infrastructure
improvements for Singapore’s continued
Guiding Development with
Regular Feedback
One of URA’s responsibilities is to provide
and implement control guidelines to
facilitate development works in an orderly
manner and to be consistent with the
Master Plan. We conduct regular reviews
with industry professionals and the general
public to ensure that our policies are pro-
business, user-friendly and relevant to
prevailing needs. This function has proven
to be increasingly challenging, as we have to
balance the needs of various stakeholders,
such as businesses and residents, whose
interests are often conflicting.
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City